Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Randoms & Smelly Balls

-          I may have cracked open a green bottle (hello, Heineken!) yesterday at 1:30pm.  Don’t judge; it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.   I physically busted my bum while tending to the Radicals and I was due for a refreshing drink.  Mama’s got skillz!
-          Why is it funner to clean and organize someone else’s stuff instead of my own stuff?  Yes, I just said “funner”.
-          When it smells like #2, it probably is #2.  Every time I walked past the bathroom I would smell it.  Radical #2 is kind of in the potty training process but insists on using the big toilet.  But I keep his potty seat in the bathroom because he uses it as a step stool.  I searched high and low but didn’t find anything until I came across his potty seat.  There it was all gross and nasty!  I wonder how long it’s been in there?  Gross.
-          I wish Kona was an hour away as opposed to 2.5 hours.
-          I still want to learn to play the violin.
-          Is it really that surprising that I drink 8 cups of coffee in a 2 hour time period?
-          I can’t wait to complete my “work area” this weekend.  A post will be coming for it.
-          I still need to post my project from 2 weekends ago.  You can thank my camera for jacking up my rotation.

There are more randoms swirling around my brain but I’ll be kind and stop now.

Here’s another “Say What?!” with Radical #1:

A little rundown first so you’ll know what he’s talking about.  Longs Drugstore sells these tiny balls that come in different scents and colors.  I bought a bag of the ‘Summertime’ scent (yellow balls) and I use it as a car freshener.  Anyway, as we’re driving one day…

R#1: “Mom, you have smelly balls?”

Me: “What?”

R#1: “Yeah, smelly balls.  The yellow ones.”

Me: “Oh yes Tyson, mommy has smelly balls.”

R#1: “Mmmm, they smell good!”

I couldn’t help but bust-a-gut laugh!  I was thinking how I would get nasty looks if he was talking about that in public.  What are teaching your kid, woman?

Happy Thursday!

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