Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Great Idea is NOT So Great Anymore.


Happy Thursday y’all!

Radical #2’s birthday party is approaching…and I (as in my brain & motivation) need to get it together fast.  I think part of my stress is from wondering how I’m going to get everything to the other side of the island.  See, this is the crappy part about living so far away from home.  Birthdays and holidays make me cringe because we have to load everything up and make that 3 hour drive.  These are the times when I wish we all lived closer.  Then it wouldn’t be such a big production to get together.  Never mind, I’ll stop complaining and be very thankful that we can drive instead of having to fly.  Could you imagine how much more of a stress case I’d be if we had to fly?  We would definitely not be going home as often.

Okay, sorry to get off track there.  back to my not so great idea…

I decided to do a “beach bash” as the theme and as I was thinking about the thank you favors, a light bulb went on in my head.  “why don’t I do goodie bags of homemade goodness?!”  I thought to myself.  Then I came up with the wording “thank you for celebrating with me!  hope you enjoy your ‘sea’ of goodies!”…because it’s a beach bash…awesome right?  Then I started thinking about the goodies I wanted to put in there.  As I was going over the list with the mister, he gave me that look like “you should take it easy!”  and now I’m wishing I gave his look more thought.

Before I tell you why I’m kicking myself in the rear right now, let me share the story behind this ‘sea’ of goodies.  When I think about the sea, I picture the large sea and a lot of ocean life.  And since the thank you tag says “enjoy your ‘sea’ of goodies”, I wanted a lot of goodies.  Homemade goodies need I remind you (sigh).  So here it is, the list of goodies: chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter kisses, pumpkin cookies, cake pops, and pumpkin cupcakes. 

It didn’t sound like a lot at first but now I’m asking myself what I was thinking.  Yeah, there’s only 5 items on that list but I’m baking them myself and I have like 20 bags to fill.  And me and my bright ideas got big bags (to stick to the ‘a lot’ theme).  I wasn’t going to put one of each item, I wanted to fill  the bag with them.  Oh and I have to make two extra batches of cupcakes in place of a cake for the radical. 

Great idea jenn…not!  So tonight will be the bake-a-thon and I’m hoping the radicals will go to sleep early.  Although I like to bake with them all the time, this bake session is not one of those times.  I need every last cookie and cupcake and cake pop and there is no room for cookie monsters!  Sorry radicals, you can get your goodies at the party.  Is that mean of me?  oh well.  And the mister doesn’t know this yet but he will be a master baker when this is done! 

I can’t wait until this week is over.  It seems like everything is attacking me at once.  I’m running out of days and on top of this bake-a-thon, I still have work (thanks mom, I’m about to croak!) and homework.  Oh and my mama duties and my house is a disaster.  Oh and my family needs clean clothes?  Start digging in the ginormic pile of laundry that is decorating the couch!

Hope y’all are having a happy day!!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Moment of Truth...

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…was yesterday when I had to renew my license - I really do need glasses (sad face).  For years I’ve been in denial, pretending that I can see and I lived by the words “fake it ‘til you make it” when it came to my vision.  Well, I didn’t “make it” yesterday.  I figured that if I went this long without using my glasses, what’s the worst that could happen?  I told myself not to worry and I would pass the eye test.  The time came to put my forehead on that nasty eye tester thing (btw, they didn’t have anything to wipe it with and they don’t clean it regularly, yuck!) and the line I had to read was a big blur.  I stood there trying to focus but soon enough I just started blurting out numbers.  The nice guy gave me three attempts and when I failed all three, he kindly asked if I wore glasses and if so, I needed to come back with them.  Ugh, boo!  Luckily those eyeballs of mine were in the car.  Thanks to the mister and his bright idea of bringing them “just in case.” 

I don’t like to wear my glasses because it feels funny on my face.  The frame is flimsy and I feel that I would break them.  And most of the time they are missing.  I would hide them from the radicals and then forget where I put them.  I would go like half a year without them, then they would appear and I’d use them for a day or two but then they would annoy me and I’d go back to squinting. 

I’ve learned to function without them for the most part.  I would avoid driving in unfamiliar places because I can’t see signs.  When watching tv, I would stand in front of the tv while flipping through channels.  And I don’t do captions well.  I would avoid big crowds because if you’re not right in front of me, you’re a big blur and I don’t want to be judged as “stuck up”.  there are so many times when I can make out a blur waving at me, but I just can’t see who the person really is until they come up to me, like in my face.  I don’t do well with drive-thru’s.  there are times when I want to try something different but I can never see the menu.  When I can finally see the menu I’m being asked for my order.  I get flustered and end up ordering the norm because I don’t want to be known as that person who took forever in the drive-thru. 

So there, I admit that I cannot see.  And I guess it’s time to invest in glasses that I would actually wear.  I’m always being questioned on the whereabouts of my glasses and if I don’t like to use them, I should wear contacts.  Well…

I have a confession to make: I’m afraid of contacts.  They scare me.  first of all, I’m afraid of poking my own eye and it just creeps me out.  I envision jim carey from the movie when nature calls and he’s harassing that guy by poking at his eye.  Very creepy.  and the most important reason is that I’m afraid the contact will somehow roll to the back of my eyeball and get stuck.  And then they’ll have to surgically remove my eyeball to get it out.  Or what if it travels to my brain and gets stuck there?  No thank you, I’d rather squint or get a new pair of glasses.

Guess what, y’all?  Today I am the big 30!!  I’ve been waiting for this day all year.  It’s like starting a new chapter in my life!  But there will be no celebrating for this mama because I have tons of work to do and I’m busy getting ready for radical #2’s birthday beach bash this Saturday!

Happy day, sweets!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Bullets.

Once again I’ve been mia.  Life came at me out of nowhere and that saying of “just take it one day at a time”…yeah, I’ve had more than several attack me at once.  So I’m back and allow me to recap in bullets.

-          I’m a SAHM who recently started back to work (!).  anyway, I packed up the books for kkp and sent it off for delivery which led my mom to think that if I could crank out a year’s worth of work in a week, then she would give me another client.  And again, to crank out a year’s worth of work in a week.  What’s with these people waiting until the last minute?!  Thanks, mom.  You’re so awesome.  It’s a bittersweet situation.  This past week has had me so stressed out but it’s great to know that I have work that I can do from home.

-          I stumbled across a blogger who happens to live in my neck of the woods.  Another awesome thing!  Although I’m not being quick to jump on suggesting a blate, it’s exciting to know I have a bloggy friend in driving distance.  Btw, she has a business doing custom blog designs.  Can I get a woohoo?!  I’ve been dying to re-do the look of my blog but it’s so overwhelming.  I have many thoughts going through my mind like maybe it’s too early for me to invest money into my blog or maybe I should wait until actually do something with my blog or maybe I should wait until my big project becomes a reality and I can somehow link it to my blog.  Just a couple of thoughts but now I’m thinking that it’s never too early to start.  Maybe I can do baby steps instead of doing one big step?  I don’t know.  My mind is still calming down from this past week of stress.  Which brings me to my next point…

-          Radical #2’s birthday is right around the corner.  Like in eleven days.  And I still haven’t done a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.  ugh!  I did a lot of brainstorming but no action.  I have to change the location and I also have to tweak my ideas that I had (L).  I’m going to blame this on our little power outage we had two weeks ago.  Remember how I told y’all that the outage fried my computer, printer, tv, and phone?  Yeah, well I need my darn printer to print things for the radical’s party.  And I’ve been so caught up with work last week that I haven’t had a chance to get the printer up and running.  I’m guessing I should get on it.  Pronto!

-          Since I haven’t blogged in a while I was thinking about a post yesterday.  Silly me forgot to write my thoughts down and now I can’t remember what I was thinking.  I know it had a word starting with a ‘t’ like treacherous or terrorize or something like that.  If I could remember the word then I would be able to remember my thoughts on the post….being that this happens with everything (things I need from the grocery, people I need to call, what I’m supposed to do at what time, etc.) I’m thinking of hanging pads of paper throughout the house.  That way I can write things down all the time.  note to self: please work on not being so scatter-brained and distracted.  Find your balance.  Please and thank you.

-          I’m doing a 90 day “me” challenge.  I know 90 days is a lot but y’all, my list is ginormic!  And since the reality of it is that there is no way I can complete this in 30 days I upped it to 90.  Just trying to be real, not bionic.  More details to come later. 

-          I’m working on another project.  A B.I.G. project.  Y’all, this is big!  All I can say is that it is not a house project or project for the radicals.  This is for me.  It’s been circulating around my brain (of course nothing is written down.  Where’s those pads of paper when I need them?!) for a couple of weeks now.  I’m so excited.  I can’t wait.  And I’ll be sure to share when all my ducks are in a row. 

-          The above bullet makes me think about the other projects I was working on.  I so wanted to share the outcome but remember, my camera died on me.  I took pictures with my phone but I have no idea how to get them from the phone to the computer.  I’ll admit, I’m technology-challenged so if y’all have any idea how to do that please let me know.  Speaking of cameras…the camera that I so want for my birthday is so not gonna happen because you know…I’m no professional.  But that can be for another post, maybe tomorrow.  Oh, but don’t worry, I’ll be sure to write it down.  Haha.

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!