Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Back!

And I survived…wa-hoo!!  As y’all know, 2 weeks ago was Merrie Monarch week and this is the second year I survived the chaos.  It was weird.  I was calm and at peace which is surprising because what control freak is calm and at peace when her world is turned upside down?

My goal was to document the week and few days of Merrie Monarch chaos but I totally blew it.  Half the time my camera was missing and to be honest, I totally spaced it.  That and the fact that tax day was right around the corner had me a little wigged out.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do a mini re-cap of MM week later.

I took last week to re-group myself and my house (haha!) but my brain is still…empty.  It kind of feels like I’m in the twilight zone so until I exit the zone, I’ll leave you with the little thoughts I do have and happenings of life…. 

` I wanted an Erin Condren planner but caveman (aka the Mister) who carves writings on rocks thought it was a waste of money (argh!).  I tried to tell him that it’s personalized and pretty and it can fit in my purse but no, caveman didn’t budge.  So I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a plain ‘ol ugly planner and guess what?  I can’t use it until July.  July.  What?

` I just used the word ‘purse’.  I never use that word for fear that I was getting old.  When I was younger I thought purses were for old ladies. 

` I have another project but the details deserve its own post.  Its coming this week because I’m so, so, SO excited about this one!  I almost fell out of my chair when it was talked about.

` I made enchiladas last night.  I’ve never had an enchilada in my life until last night.

Kona sunsets...love!

` I haven’t been home for a month (sad face).  And I have to wait 3 more weeks which makes me even sadder.  I wish it wasn’t such a long drive.  I guess they don’t call it The Big Island for nothing, huh?

` I found my new love: Honey Nut Chex. 

` I’m also currently obsessed with Mt. Dew in a can.  Yes in a can, not in a bottle.  Straight from the Mister’s mouth…”You’re weird!  It’s the same thing!”  No dear, it tastes totally different in a bottle.

` I’m super excited to do our family photos soon with Miss Connie Lou!

That’s all for now until I get back into the groove.  Have a great Tuesday!

Peace out!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

Happy Saturday, friends!  I know I’ve been absent around here but I’ve been getting ready for Merrie Monarch week.  And I just wanted to pop in to wish my Radical #1 a Happy Birthday…

Tyson-Alexander, referred to as the “Merrie Monarch baby”.  4 years ago I was a very large and pregnant, very hormonal control freak.  All during Merrie Monarch week.  Oh boy was it fun times…NOT!  Everything made me cry, get mad, or have a meltdown while my house was full of visitors.  They must have thought I was nuts.

Anyhoo, today we are celebrating Radical #1’s 4th birthday.  His 4th birthday!  My oh my, where has the time gone?  It really does feel like he’s still my little chubby baby but the reality is that he’s not a baby anymore; he’s 4 (a sigh and a tear).

This isn’t going to be a wordy post because the more I look at the number 4, the more I’m going to become a big crybaby. 

So a BIG Happy Birthday, my baby sweet boy!  We love you so so much and we hope you have an awesome day!

We’re off to ready his birthday celebration.  Hope y’all have a grand weekend!

And Happy Easter!