Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Randoms

Happy Thursday!  It’s been an interestingly bizarre week so here’s some randoms for y’all.

…I think there’s a slipper monster lingering in the bush outside my house.  Radical #2 is always missing a side.  I’m getting tired of buying new slippers.  Would I be horrible for making him wear mismatched pairs?  It’ll be the same as allowing him to rock the Spiderman costume to the grocery.

…I’ve created a monster.  Radical #2 insists on having a tall apple juice, not an apple juice box from Starbucks because he pretends it’s his caramel macchiato.

…I’m in the market for a new hat to use during my “I don’t feel like brushing my hair” days.  And also my know-it-all-observant cousin hates the hat that I’m currently sporting.

… I was wondering why the font on my posts was different and my brain’s light bulb finally turned on…look at the font box Jenn!  What does it say?  Sometimes I can be such an idiot.

…Radical #2 asked for a trumpet fish.  Um…any idea where I can find a trumpet fish?

…I seriously need to think before I speak and practice what I preach with the Radicals.  When I hear filth coming from the Radicals mouths I’m quick to tell them “you like me slap your mouth?”  I constantly have a potty mouth (I’m working on it!) and one day Radical #1 tells me “eh, you like me slap your mouth?!” 

 …I feel like I’m about to be swallowed by the papers and boxes in my office.  Or as the Mister calls it “the rubble” in the office.  I can’t think when chaos is around me.  I should be organizing but since it’s so overwhelming, I’ll just sit here and blog.  Very productive Jenn, very productive.

…Mom of the year over here!  Pizza for breakfast, snack, and lunch just so I can get rid of the evidence before the Mister gets home.  I lied when he checked in with us last night and told him the Radicals wanted saimin.

…Is it weird that I’m excited for the Super Bowl even though I don’t watch the darn sport?  What I am excited about is making Super Bowl food.  That’s not weird right?

…Children are so honest and innocent and sometimes the things they say are hilarious.  Radical #2 was asked if he goes to school.  His reply was “not yet, my mom said I have to wipe my butt 7 more times.

The End.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lessons Learned #1: Just get it done

What a great time to share this with you since I just posted my goals for 2014.  On the list was to plan ahead and get’r done.  And remember how I said that I’ve fallen off of the wagon a few times?  Well, this particular situation was one of those times.

I’m not too on it when it comes to safety checks and current registrations.  I mean, those darn stickers are on the back of my car and it’s not a habit of mine to constantly check it.  Maybe if those stickers were on my dashboard in clear sight then maybe I might see that they are expired. 

Anyway, I have this cousin who observes everything and will not stop bugging me until I do something about it.

I don’t mean to stress you out more but did you set a date and location for Radical #3’s party?

(The whole month of October including the day of Halloween) “Are you going to get the kids’ Halloween costumes?

Your safety check is expired.

Your safety check is expired.

Your safety check is expired.

Ugh geez, I hear you!  So we’re driving around one day and I see a sign that says Safety Checks; No Appointment Needed.  How convenient and just what I’m looking for.  I annoyingly turn into the convenient-no-appointment-needed establishment and write my name on the waiting list.  We wait for what seemed like an eternity just for the lady to tell me that I didn’t pass because my license plate bulb was out. 

What?!?  My license plate has a bulb?

She goes on to tell me that I have 30 days to fix it and if I go over the 30 days I’ll have to pay for another safety check.

A week goes by and the observant cousin asks “did you get the bulb for your license plate?”  “No, the Mister said he’s going to use the one on his truck.” I answered.

Did the Mister change your bulb on your license plate?” asked the observant cousin, 2 weeks later.  “No, I’m just going to get my own.” I responded.  “Well, you should check the expiration date on your paper or else you’ll have to pay another $25.00.” replied the cousin.

I check the date of when my inspection was done.  12/06/2013. 

Did you get the bulb?” he asked, a week later.

It was now January 3rd, a day already jammed packed with things to do.  And it was a Friday which meant I also had my grandmother to shuttle around.  Oh and, it was still Winter Break and I had 2 Radicals tagging along.  The bulb is bought and changed, ready to go but chaos fell upon me and I didn’t make it to the inspection.  I held my composure and told myself that the date says 12/06/13 so I have until Monday 01/06/2014.  Monday comes around and I roll up convinced that I’ll pass my inspection.  I write my name on the waiting list and wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  I finally hear my name being called.  I give the lady my papers and hand over my keys.  She looks at my papers, then at me and says “this is expired.  You had 30 days; not 31 days.

I was speechless at first and then became very frustrated because 1) I waited with 2 wild banshees all that time for nothing and 2) I was willing to pay the $25 but forgot they only took cash and I was $3 short.  I drove away wanting to bash the lady’s head in.  I pulled into a parking lot and called my cousin screaming at him about how I was ONE day too late and $3 short on cash.

After my vent session, I quickly realized that I am the only one to blame.  I can’t blame the lady and I can’t blame what happened the Friday prior.  That was my consequence for waiting until the very last minute.  Had I done what was supposed to be done, I wouldn’t be telling you this story and I wouldn’t have to shell out another $25.

Lessons learned…lessons learned.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Goals

Hello party people!  I know we’re in the 3rd week of January but this post is has been difficult for me to write.  My inner critic would come out during every attempt and remind me of my failures as a person and a parent, my on-going “to do” lists that has no check marks, and all the excuses as to why I didn’t get things done in a timely manner because of my big mouth and over-commitments.  And then I’d get all miserable and click on the big ol’ X.  But today I’m grabbing this bull by the balls horns and facing reality.

So my first goal is to be realistic.  I don’t have super powers.  There are 24 hours in a day, not 48 like I’ve been trying to convince myself in the past.  I need to remember that it’s okay to say “no” to things that don’t fit into my schedule rather than saying “yes” which usually sent me into a frenzied panic because I forgot that there are only 24 hours in a day.

Be MENTALLY present; the keyword being mentally.  It annoys me when I’m talking to someone and all they do is nod and say “uh-huh.”  I know they’re not really listening.  If I get annoyed I can only imagine how the Radicals and my loved ones feel.  This one goes with being realistic because I’m totally guilty of doing this to the Radicals when I’m in a time crunch. 

Plan ahead and get’r done.  With everything.  Everything?  Yes, everything.  If you’re like me, we wait until the very last minute to do things.  And because of this all hell breaks loose when go-time comes around.

But I’m not just talking about parties; I’m also talking about everyday tasks.  The funny thing is my reaction to it all.  I react as if my everyday tasks are something new.  I know Monday-Friday we have to be out the door by 6:45am.  I also know that Radical #1’s backpack and Radical #3’s daycare bag need to come with.  Do I prep the night before?  No and because I’m too busy prepping bags the morning of, I fail to wake the Radicals in a timely fashion and then they get the wrath because they’re not moving fast enough.  Do I like being the crazy banshee first thing in the morning yelling “put some gas in your ass!” or threatening “if you don’t hurry it up you’re walking to school!”  No.  Shoot, it ain’t their problem that I decided to wait until the last moment to do things.  I also realize that I’m the most horrible parent in the world for yelling “put some gas in your ass!” to my children.  I’m working on that.

Patience.  With everything we’ve been through last year, I’ve had zero patience for anything.  This year I’m striving for the patience to listen.  Stop and listen to what the Radicals are telling me whether it be a story, how their day went, or their endless questions about everything.  There was too much of “shhh,” “later,” or “hold on.”  There was no taking time to hear the excitement and joy as they would tell me something.  The patience to teach.  When the Radicals made a mistake, made a mess, or did something that wasn’t too my liking I was quick to yell and transform into Ugly Mom.  I was quick to say that they should know better.  But should they really know better?  No, because I should know better that they are just children.  Children don’t come out of the womb knowing how crack an egg without getting shells into the cake batter.  The patience to play and be in the moment.  I was so caught up with cleaning the house, doing the laundry, trying to check-off my “to do” list, and being angry and bitter with things that the Radicals had nothing to do with, I wasted precious time by “shooing” the Radicals away.  I want them to have happy memories, not memories of how cleaning, laundry, and the other nonsense came as priority.

Let it go.  Sometimes Most times I dwell on the judgments against me.  And most times they are ridiculous judgments and I allow them to eat at me.  I tell myself “if I change this or if I do that…” and then I get lost in an absurd conversation with myself.  Let it go.  I am who I am.  The 2nd thing to let go is negativity.  Negativity that creeps in and rains on my parade.  Normal people would be all “I’m sorry to hear that.”  Me?  I take it on as if it was my own problem and try to fix everything.  And then I get all irate because I can’t fix everything.  And the final thing to let go are things that don’t matter.  For example, the driver who threw his hands up at me because I was letting him go but since he was too busy road raging he couldn’t see me telling him to go and when he finally figured it out he was still all “WTH!?!”  Then I was all road raging “pay attention butt-munch!” When senseless things happen, I seriously need to let it go instead of wasting my time dwelling on it.

So there it is; my goals for 2014.  I’ve been working on it and I have to say life isn’t so tense.  And I ain’t going to lie, I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times but hey, I’m human.  Life isn’t always just butterflies and rainbows.  In those times I try to remember to breathe or sometimes I vent to myself (or others) just to let it out so I can move forward.

I hope y’all have a Happy Tuesday.  I’m off to do “Special Time” with Radical #2. 

Peace out!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It’s a Party!

A Pirate Parrrty for Radical #3’s 1st birthday.  I’ll admit I pulled this theme out of my bum 3 days before the party.  I’m not sure what I was thinking or if I was even thinking but for some reason it wasn’t clicking in my brain that a party was rapidly approaching.

Luckily Target had some pirate stuff since I didn’t have time to craft anything.  I have the load of take out containers and I thought it would’ve been really cute to make mini treasure chests as goodie bags but I ran out of time.  See, that’s what happens when my comprehension fails me.  But these did the job.

We changed the location the night before the party.  Ha, never fails.  That’s me for you….

We met a couple visiting from Washington.  They saw someone cleaning fish but didn’t know what to make of it.  The Mister explained and they seemed very intrigued by the whole process so we offered them a sample since we had a whole tray.  We also had them make a plate of all the other food we had.  Sharing is caring.

Although the planning process was so last minute, we still had a great time.

Happy Birthday Radical #3.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Reflections

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I know I’m supper-dupper (new word in our household) late on this post.  We’ve been quite busy last week with the New Year, Radical #3 turning the big O-N-E, and getting ready for his pirate party. 

Anyhoo, 2013 was one heck of a year. 

`The highlight of January was the unannounced entrance of Radical #3.  It was chaos and                  wonderful wrapped up with a big bow.  You can read about it here.

 `I survived my first outing with all 3 Radicals.  I felt empowered and wanted to take on the world. 
 `Crazy neighbor drama.

 `Radical #3 took his first road trip to see the grand-parentals and grand-grand-parental.

 `More crazy neighbor drama.

`The Mister and I celebrated 9 years together.

 `Merrie Monarch week.
 `Radical #1 turned 5.  Tear…
 `The drama continues with the crazies next door.

`Family reunion trip to O’ahu.

 `Radical #3 started rolling over.
 `Installed surveillance cameras…more crazy neighbor drama.

`Drama with the crazies.  Shocking, I know.


 `Packed up and moved to the other side of the island.  Peace out crazies!
 `Moving transition…had to live with the parentals until we found a place.
 `Radical #1 started Kindergarten.
 `A ladybug themed baby shower for my brother and his other half.

`My first maternity shoot.  Ever.

"I have to use the bathroom!"

 `My niece, Kendra (on top), graces us with her presence.
 `Still living with the parentals.

`We found our own place!  Hip-hip-HOORAY! 
 `I turned 32 years young.
 `Radical #2 turned 4…more tears.

 `Pumpkin patching.

 `Happy Halloween.  I promise to be prepared this year because last year we were the junk house.  I     didn’t buy candy because we weren’t supposed to be home but as usual, we were running late         (story of my life).  I rushed to get the Radicals ready to go while the Mister was on his way home         from   work.  It was getting dark so as soon as the Mister came home I told him to chop-chop             because I    don’t have any candy to give out.  I load Radical #1 & 2 in the car.  As I’m getting           Radical #3 into    his car seat I hear “Trick or treat!  Oh crap.  So instead of candy the Mister hands     out ramen noodle  packets.  True story.

 `Birthday BBQ for the Mister.
 `Our very first off-island visitors, Nana & Aunty Rose.
 `And the drama continues with the crazies.  Harassing phone calls galore.
 `Radical #2, the ER, and pneumonia.
 `The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was listened to.  One step closer to actually watching it.
 `Both mine and the parentals household were struck with the stomach bug.

`Radical #3 started daycare.
`Radical #1’s 1st Winterfest at school.
`The Mister’s brother and his family spend Christmas with us.  Beaching it up, playing tourist, and           BBQs.

I’m happy to turn the page.  2014 will be a great year.  Making memories and lots of adventures.
Wishing all of you health and happiness. 

Happy New Year, friends!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Radical #3!

One year old.  Wow, it doesn’t even feel like a year has gone by.

The past year has tested my parenting skills.  It’s the strangest thing…I had the attitude of I got this but when Radical #3 graced us with his presence, I felt like a 1st time parent again.  The paranoid mommy returned. 

But, all is well.  

Going through all the experiences, all the firsts, and just watching you grow and develop your little personality has been amazing.

You’re such a happy baby and all the faces you make are hilarious.

You’re also my mellow baby.  You just hang out and observe everything and everyone.  When something catches your eye you scream with excitement but then you go back to just hanging out. 

You’re such a joy and blessing. I love you to the moon and back.

Happy Birthday little man.