Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bye-Bye Binky…and the bottle!

Wishful thinking....and before y’all jump on my bum about how my 2 year old should not be sucking on a binky and bottle, I just want to take this time to whine it out.  Please and thank you. 

Why is it so hard to get rid of these items?  Why can’t I just man up and stay strong?

Oh, because his pitiful cry, whine, and sad face breaks me.  All the time.  I know, I’m supposed to take the crying and screaming.  According to most, it’ll only last a few days. 

My problem?  I don’t mentally prepare myself enough for the few days of torture.  I don’t know who’s being tortured more, me or him? 

And when I do grow some balls, the Mister ruins it by giving in.  It’s funny how the Mister is always on my case and making comments about how the binky and bottle needs to go but he’s the very one who gives in!  My mom does the same thing too. 

In all the “what to expect…” books, nowhere does it prepare you for this.  Nowhere does it talk about how to handle your emotions at times like this.  Or maybe it does and I just missed it. 

Radical #1 was sucking on a bottle until he was 3; until I traumatized him.  He was given antibiotics for busting out his tooth and he just wouldn’t take it.  Then I had the bright idea of putting it in his bottle.  And since then, he wouldn’t go near his bottle. 

Oh, I just had a light bulb moment!  Why don’t I do to Radical #2 what I did to Radical #1?  Not with antibiotics but I do have his allergy medicine.  Hhmmm…

Okay, I’m done whining.  My question to all you mamas out there: did you go through this?  What approach did you take?  Please give me the 411.  Or here’s another question: why do others care about what my son should and shouldn’t be doing?  Is it really that bad?  That is all.


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