Friday, November 8, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday, Lovelies!  I’m so glad that we’re back to having our coffee sessions; it’s been a while, no?  

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that…

…Pumpkin Spice Lattes no longer tickle my fancy.  I was totally obsessed last year but that could have been because I was growing a human.  I’m now back to my usual iced caramel macchiato.

…I’m sick of the visiting germ squad.  We’ve been sick 4 times since we’ve moved here.  What the what?  Could it be the change in environment, the fact that we’re always on the go, or maybe because Radical #1 is in school and he’s more exposed to other kids?  Do other parents of school-aged kids experience sickness this much?  Sheesh.

…I’m almost finished unpacking.  I know it’s been over a month but trying to unpack and organize with banshees is not fun.

…I'm slowly getting acclimated to our new lifestyle.  Haha!  I make it sound like we’ve turned into Monks or something.  We went from being at home 99.9% of time to not being home 99.9& of the time.  We’re always on the go.  I’m glad Radical #3 doesn’t give me that much of a hard time for being stuck in his car seat all the time.

…Is it just me or do y’all get excited every time you see the red cups from Starbucks?  It’s just me isn’t it?  Hmph.

…Radical #1 lost his first tooth and I wish I had the same Tooth Fairy.  She left him $5.  $5?  Shoot, l got like a quarter or sometimes she didn't even come at all.

…I’m so glad to be back home closer to these people…

Anyway, enough about me.  How are you doing?  How has your week been?  Any plans for the long weekend? 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Since I've been gone...

…I’ve felt every emotion known to mankind.  Cray-cray as I’ve demonstrated in my first sentence.  Happy, sad, frustrated, afraid, paranoid, anxious…you get the drift.

It’s not surprising that I went MIA once again so I’m not even going to bother saying I’m sorry.  I did miss you though.  I have a lot of catching up to do since I’ve been computer-less since the middle of August.  That’s not completely true-I had it, I just never had the time to stop and think.  And breathe.

Anyway, since I’ve been gone…

…we’ve moved to the other side of the island!  Ahhh, Home Sweet Home. 

Kailua-Kona, HI. I used to live here! ;-)

…the Starbuck addict has resumed her addiction.  No bueno.

…Radical #1 started Kindergarten.  And of course mom of the year didn’t get a picture because it just happened so fast.

…I pulled off my SIL’s baby shower amongst all the moving chaos.  It turned out great even though some details were missing.  I’ll be honest, I silently freaked out.

…I did my SIL’s maternity shoot.  Not too shabby for someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing.

…my SIL gave birth.

…the neighbor’s shenanigans have gotten worse.  In a nutshell, he’s filed harassment and assault charges against me.  The crazy old bat maced the Mister.  He’s filed other ridiculous charges against me including remotely tapping his phone lines.  We moved to the other side of the island to get away from them and they still find a way to harass us.  They must love me.

…we celebrated my nephew’s 1st birthday.

…we celebrated Radical #2’s 4th birthday with bowling and the arcade.  He had a blast!  And of course, mom of the year has no pictures.

…we celebrated his birthday again on the Atlantis Submarine.  I survived.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be for claustrophobic me.

…we had a surprise party for my dad’s 67th birthday.  Haha!  Just kidding, although he didn’t find the whole 67 thing funny.

…oh, and I can’t forget about the Mister receiving his Captain’s license!  I’m so proud of him.  And it’s his fault that we don’t have pictures.  He thought I was making a big deal by bringing my camera so he made me leave it in the car.  Party-pooper.

Life has been busy and it’s been quite the adjustment but in the end we’re all happy. 

Now, if I could just finish unpacking and organizing my house…