Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunt is On!

I think my finger is going to rot and fall off. 

As I was turning on the TV for Radical #2 this morning, a HUGE cockroach came out of nowhere.  I was all “Holy crap, watch out for the beesh!”  and he was all “Oh man!” while chasing after it. 

Instead of hitting it with something that was around me, I tried to hit it away with my hand.  Gross, I know but the only things around me were toys and books and I didn’t want to contaminate the Radicals’ stuff with nasty roach germs. 

I have no idea where the thing went but now my finger hurts and it feels like something prickly {perhaps part of the roach’s leg?} is in there.  I think I see something but I’m not sure.  I’ve been trying to squeeze this ‘something’ out but it’s under my skin. 

How fast do roach germs travel to your blood stream?  What if I get some kind of disease having this roach leg stuck in my finger?  Would it be too much to call the Mister and tell him to come home because my health may be in jeopardy? 

Looks like we’re hunting roaches today… 

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