Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

Happy Saturday, friends!  I know I’ve been absent around here but I’ve been getting ready for Merrie Monarch week.  And I just wanted to pop in to wish my Radical #1 a Happy Birthday…

Tyson-Alexander, referred to as the “Merrie Monarch baby”.  4 years ago I was a very large and pregnant, very hormonal control freak.  All during Merrie Monarch week.  Oh boy was it fun times…NOT!  Everything made me cry, get mad, or have a meltdown while my house was full of visitors.  They must have thought I was nuts.

Anyhoo, today we are celebrating Radical #1’s 4th birthday.  His 4th birthday!  My oh my, where has the time gone?  It really does feel like he’s still my little chubby baby but the reality is that he’s not a baby anymore; he’s 4 (a sigh and a tear).

This isn’t going to be a wordy post because the more I look at the number 4, the more I’m going to become a big crybaby. 

So a BIG Happy Birthday, my baby sweet boy!  We love you so so much and we hope you have an awesome day!

We’re off to ready his birthday celebration.  Hope y’all have a grand weekend!

And Happy Easter!

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