Thursday, August 25, 2011


It was music to my ears when The Mister told me “so with all these clients you’re going to have working with your mom…if you can guarantee me that we won’t be struggling, we can move back to Kona.”

Excuse me?  Who are you and where do you come from?  I almost fell off my chair.  He avoided the subject of moving back to Kona like it was the plague and now it was coming out of his mouth.   I couldn’t believe it.

So after his words sunk in and lit a fire under my bottom, I set a goal.  I’m giving myself 6-8 months to get my “stuff” together and then we are out of here!  Goodbye Hilo, hello home sweet home.  My kiddos will be closer to the grand-parentals.  We’ll be closer to family and friends.  I’ll be closer to the hot sun and real beaches.  There will be happy and familiar faces all around.  There will be more things to do!  Sounds awesome right?

Come the next day and I’m having doubts.  Do I really want to move back home?  What if we get there and I change my mind?  I like living in Hilo because I live out in the boonies.  I have neighbors but we’re spaced far apart.  In Kona, the houses are so close together.  I’d have to pay an arm and a leg to live in an area like I’m living now.  The pace is slower in Hilo but there’s just something about this place that’s gloomy. 

Ugh, I don’t know.  I frustrate myself sometimes.  I’ve been complaining about wanting to go back home and now that I have that opportunity, I’m caving.  Maybe it’s just the fear of change?  Not sure.

I’ll just take it day by day and maybe as the time comes closer I’ll be ready.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the Dark.

Calling all electricians…who actually know what they’re doing.  Let me start by telling you about this house and its electrical issues: 90% of the outlets don’t work, I can’t use my blow dryer in my room because I guess the voltage is too high and the power will go out, I have to run an extension cord from the living room while I’m vacuuming the back part of the house and I can’t run the ac for too long because again, the power will go out, and now the lights and outlets in my kitchen are not working.

And since there are only so many outlets in the kitchen, over half of them being on the wall that is sometimes working, I’ve been playing musical appliances for months.  One word: HAZARD.  Why don’t I call an electrician you ask?  Well, I have two main reasons. 

The first one being that The Mister has this “friend” who is a so-called electrician.  It’s nice to have a friend come and do the job but I’m not sure if he does a half-butt job just because he’s a friend or he actually really doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Over the past three years, he’s paid visit three times and the issues have never been fully fixed.

His first visit was to fix the power in my room because I ran the ac for too long while I was “nesting” a month before Little Man #1 was to grace the world with his presence.  I was pregnant and I was hot so why not run the ac while I’m cleaning right?  Well I was wrong because the power went out so not only did I not have ac, I didn’t have lights.  No nesting for me until said electrician showed up.  Anyway, while he was here he mumbled something about too much electricity going to one outlet and that he needed to go and get something and he would be back.  Did he come back?  No.  Let me tell you that I had a difficult time holding my tongue because said electrician is The Mister’s friend and I didn’t want it to be awkward.  But do you blame me? I was eight months pregnant with no lights and no ac and all I wanted to do was clean.  Whatever.

On the next visit, he was supposed to fix the hallway light.  He came, took apart the light, and left because he forgot his tool belt.  WTH?!?  He forgot his tool belt?  What do you mean he forgot his tool belt?  Does he do that when he goes to other jobs?  Okay Jenn, calm down.  The light now works but he needs his tool belt so he’ll be back.  But wait, it gets better: he doesn’t come back and the light he took apart had live wires hanging from the ceiling.  Awesome, just awesome.

On his last visit, our living room ceiling fan wasn’t working.  Again, he comes, does a half-butt job and says he’ll be back because he doesn’t have the right tools.  What is with this guy and his disappearing acts and not having tools on hand?  Days go by and I’m irked because it’s HOT and I need my fan.  What does said electrician say to do?  Pull the string hanging from the fan to turn it on…yeah, if I could reach the darn string!  Our ceiling is super high and even if I stood on a chair with a tongs in my hand, I wouldn’t be close to reaching it.

So when the power in the kitchen went out and The Mister said he would call his electrician friend, my answer: NO!  No to the guy who always does a half-butt job, leaves because he forgot his tools, and never comes back.  NO, NO, and NO!

My next option is to call a real electrician.  Dun dun dun….see, the problem with that is this house is so old and I’m afraid they are going to tell me that this house is not up to code and they would have to re-do EVERYTHING.  I can just picture the invoice reading “Total: thousands and thousands of dollars.  Thank you for your business!” Ugh, although that would be nice, my money tree is sort of dead. 

So, until I figure out what I’m going to do, I’ll remain in the dark and continue to play musical appliances.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green Light.

I’ve decided to kick my rear back into reality and get over whatever funky-ness  that took over my brain.  Hooray! 

I love decorating and browsing through pictures of different homes and rooms but when it comes to the home I currently live in, I need to tread softly.  My living situation is complicated and I’ve tried desperately to go with the flow without complaining but after 5 years, frustration is starting to take its toll.  But that’s all I’m going to say about that in this post.  Maybe I’ll have the energy to post about my complicated living situation later.

Anyway, I got the green light from The Mister after much begging about wanting to do my projects.  I figured if I call them “projects” instead of saying re-decorating, it’ll be easier on his ears.  So, since my kiddos don’t have a room of their very own (remember, it’s complicated) I told The Mister that I wanted to make them a play area in the living room but in order to do that the pool table needed to be exited to an area not in this household.  And guess what?!?  The pool table is finally gone!  I am so stoked beyond words.  I mean, this pool table was huge and took up half the living room.  Not only did it not look right, it was also a hazard {in my eyes} and it wasn’t being used.  I have 2 little radicals and I could just see them jumping off of it and breaking a leg.  Or, the one time when The Mister forgot to put the balls away and Little Man #1 thought they were meant for throwing.  Not a good idea and I could just picture him throwing a pool ball at Little Man #2’s head.
So, with this pool table being gone it was time to do a little re-arranging.  I had to wait a couple of days for this one because we have this big dresser thing that I couldn’t move.  I normally can manage to move furniture by myself but this darn thing would not budge!  The Mister finally had a day off this past Friday and after four tries {of moving it}, a pulled back muscle, and some good hearty laughs, it was finally moved.

I wanted to take before and after pictures but my camera crapped out on me {sigh}….ahh, it’s bittersweet.  The Mister said I can have the camera I oh so want for my birthday in October which means I have to go a month and couple weeks of no picture taking {another sigh}.

I finally got to go home this past weekend and although it was great to see my family, I was on a mission to find furniture and d├ęcor for the play area.  Mission sort of accomplished.  All I have left to get is the activity table for the kiddos and we’re set.

We had to stay an extra day for Little Man #1’s dentist appointment.  Yes, I have to drive 2.5 hours to his dentist but now I’m getting smart and booking them around the weekend.  Anyway, I was dreading this appointment because brushing a 3 year old’s teeth is not fun when he’s not in the mood.  I thought I was for sure going to get scolding from the dentist but all went well.  Little Man #1 actually surprised me when he willingly sat up in that chair like a big boy.  No screaming or crying.  And, he is now a member of the “A’ole {Hawaiian for no} Cavity Club”.  I was so proud but mad because I couldn’t take a darn picture!  I did get a picture on my phone so if I could just figure out how to upload it.

Now that I’ve blogged your eyeballs off, I’m going to get my rear in gear and finish the play area.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Negative on Going Home, Overwhelmed with Thoughts, & a 2nd Birthday.

Shucks!  I was so looking forward to going home this weekend but duty calls so I guess I’ll get over it. 

Little Man #2 decided to do a rise and shine this morning at 3am.  Didn’t go back to sleep until 5am and then woke again at 7:45am.  Great, just great!  Since I've been up since 3am, I drank 8 cups of coffee and got half of my homework done.  So that’s a good thing, right?

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that is going through my brain that it went into shut down mode.  Could it be the reason for the lack of a clever blog post?  Boo!  Does anyone else go through that?  Please tell me you all do.  Anyway, my brain needs to come back soon because I’ve got a lot to do.  I can’t wait until my projects are done AND Little Man #2’s 2nd birthday is right around the corner.  Okay, 2 months away but I know it’ll come in a blink of an eye!  I feel that his 1st birthday wasn’t much of a celebration for him.  And it wasn’t as big as his brothers.  Not that I wanted it to be that big but I didn’t really go all out {in a small way} if that makes sense.  Anyway, I want to go all out even though it’s his 2nd birthday so I’m thinking about a “beach party” theme but we’re not really at the beach?  I’ll have his little kiddo pool, a slip & slide, and the cute little sprinkler thingy my mom bought them.  I’m thinking of having it at the parental’s house since they have a nice grassy area that’s fenced in.  And since Little Man #2 loves to wander off like it’s nobody’s business I figure I can keep him locked up.  Okay, that didn’t sound too good but you get the picture right?

I found some cute cut outs for cupcake toppers, birthday banners, favor labels, and thank you tags for his theme.  I have so much ideas and things I want to do.  The Mister thinks I’m crazy because I’m going all out for his 2nd birthday and the theme is “beach” but were not at the beach even though were surrounded by beaches.  Ugh, whatever!  And speaking of cupcakes, I’m going to try my hand at fondant.  Dun dun dun…I’m also thinking of shaping little “beach” animals to put on top of the cupcakes with the cupcake toppers.  Is that too much?  That’s my thought but we’ll see if it actually happens.

I know its 2 months away but I don’t want to be a complete stress head when the day rolls around so I’ll continue to plan now.

Did I tell you how I get warm and fuzzy when my kiddos hug each other?  Ah, the love.  They hug when they get up to say good morning, they hug when one is hurt, and they hug for reasons I’m not sure of most times.  I love it that they love giving hugs.  I love hugs too!  And of course my camera is not on hand to capture it even though it likes to play tricks on me...

I haven’t been posting pictures lately because my camera has had a mind of its own.  Sometimes it turns on or sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes it'll show me what I'm taking pictures of but sometimes its not in the mood.  Little Man #2 dropped it during Father’s Day weekend and now it only cooperates when it feels like it.  So since my birthday is in 2 months too, I’ve been hinting to The Mister about the new camera I so need want.

That is all for now…TGIF!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Allergies & a Start to a New Adventure.

Last week, Tyson’s eyes was puffy and he would have sneeze attacks in the mornings and evenings.  I suspected it was allergies but hoping that I was wrong and it would go away.  For the past two days, the puffiness and sneezing attacks lasted all day so I decided it was time to pay a visit to the doc.  My suspicions were confirmed.  Woe is me, I now have 2 kiddos with allergies.  Awesome.

On a brighter note, the kiddos start school on Monday!  Yes, I’ve decided to get them out and around other children instead of homeschooling them.  Thanks to a dear friend who mentioned the program to me, they will be attending Tutu & Me every Monday and Wednesday.  I’m so stoked, not only for my kiddos but for me too.  I finally can have some adult conversation and hopefully make some new mommy friends!

I mentioned my “projects” in yesterday’s post and it’s going faster than I thought.  Let’s just say that the 2 pieces of furniture that was a total eye sore will be gone soon.  Very soon.  Like in the next week soon.  That’s all I’ll leave you with for now.  I’ll be updating as the time goes by and I can’t wait to show you all my finished product!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back...

Finally.  A week with no computer and limited means of communication makes me wonder how we survived before we had computers.  Anyway, I had to mentally prepare myself about not having a computer for that long so I came up with a to-do list of things that needed to be done, like a year ago.  Yikes!

Fast forward to the end of the week…what have I accomplished?  NOTHING that was on my to-do list.  Pooey.  We (the kiddos & I) did a lot of playing, reading, drawing, and crafts so that counts for something right?  I’m also going to look at it as having a nice time off of being a scatter brain.  But it has lead me to think of myself as weird.  Why do I do things at the weirdest times?  I had a whole week of no computer distractions and I wait until I get my computer back to be motivated to complete my to-do list?  What a weirdo.  I don’t get me sometimes.

Anyway, I have many projects to get crackin’ on {which will have to be on another post}, on top of my to-do list from last week, my homework, and my mental prepping for my EA courses, oh and cleaning and laundry.  And not to mention my daily mommy duties that have to be done…What?  My kids gotta eat and bathe and exercise their minds and bodies every day?  Huh.  If only I could add another 24 hours to a day.  That would be nice.

Happy Tuesday!