Friday, March 9, 2012

Thoughts, Happenings, & a Valuable Lesson

I’ve been a bad blogger again.  The last time I posted was last week.  Ew.  I know I said I have a lot of posts in my drafts but the truth is it takes me forever to publish it.  It takes some time to read and edit and find upload pictures.  And then I remember something pertaining to the post which takes more time to edit because I want my post to make sense.  Anyway, moving on…

-          I can’t wait until tax season is over.  I keep asking myself if I should change my major.

-          It’s 1pm and we’re I’m still in pjs.  I live the glamorous life.

-          I whipped up a batch of blueberrie pancakes for the Radicals only to be told “YUCK mom!”  I should have known better.  They are simple little eaters and like plain pancakes.

-         This tube thing fell down the lint chute and I panicked.  I remembered my dear friend Goggle and to my surprise, I’m not the only one this has happened to.  Whew!  Just like I’m not the only mom who’s kid got a potty seat stuck on his head.
...LED TO THIS!  It needed to be cleaned back there anyway.

-          I’m not the only one who wants Moose & Zee back.  I’m not too fond of NickJr’s new layout.

-          Radical #1 found these.  The Mister said that we could tame them since they were babies.  I caught one and then I felt bad taking it from its mother so I put it back.
They are so cute!

-          I know I’m late to the party but we got Skype!  Now the Radicals can Skype with their Ama and Papa.  Radical #2 needs some time to get used to it.  He runs away and hides or he’ll hide under the table and pop his head up once in a while.

-          The Radicals love the mo’o (gecko) that roam in our house.
He was telling the mo'o to stop running away.

-          The last time we had taco night, the Mister fried tortillas and it tasted just like a chalupa.  I was in heaven.  Well, last night we did taco night and I would have asked him how he made it but we were on day #2 of the silent treatment and I was being my stubborn self.  So my attempt resulted in a jacked up chalupa crunchy thing.  Lesson learned: do not do taco night while the silent treatment is in session.

That is all.  Have a grrrreat weekend!

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