Friday, March 23, 2012

8 Years Ago…

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...You asked me to be yours.  You asked me to promise to stay by your side through our ups and downs.  And that, I did.  Throughout the years we’ve been to the doors of hell and back and here we are, still standing strong.  Although you are stubborn, we are different in many ways, and you drive me crazy, the love we share continues to grow every day. 

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I’m gonna love you forever and ever…
“Hand in hand you and I, that’s where we’re meant to be
And I’ll hold your hand always for all the world to see
You’re my special someone that many just dream about
But I am experiencing it hand in hand
And that is without a doubt
You’re like the wind that is blowing on a cool, breezy summer’s day
And you make my heart skip a beat with every word you say
So when you read these words, I really want you to know
We’re hand in hand forever and I’ll never let you go”

I know, I know…it’s cheesy but I’ve had this for years.  I can’t remember where I got it though. 

Anyhoo, even though we’re not married, making and growing our relationship is hard work!  So happy 8 years of putting up with me togetherness and many more to come!

Love, love

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