Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!

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Happy Love Day, Lovelies!  I hope your day was filled with love, hugs, and kisses! 

I got a big surprise from the Mister today: flowers and chocolates and a balloon. 
Yeah, it may not be big for some but it is for me.  This is big because we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day which brings me to confess that I didn’t tell you the whole truth.  I know, I suck. 

Anyway, remember this post where I mentioned that we don’t celebrate V-Day?  Well, the Mister is actually the one who doesn’t celebrate V-Day.  He says every day should be a love day and I agree but what girl doesn’t love to get flowers?  Or chocolate?  Or a sappy card?  So over the years I’ve accepted that V-Day is just another day.  And when the Mister came home today with all the goodies, I jumped for joy. 

I told him that I am still in shock and he’s all “why?”  I go on to tell him “well, after eight years of not getting anything, I wasn’t expecting this!”  And he’s all “what do you mean?  I get you something every year for Valentine’s Day.” 


I was speechless.  And when I finally told him that that wasn’t the case and reminded him about ‘everyday should be a love day’, the look on his face was priceless.  Did he really think that he got me something every year or is he just pulling my leg?  Whatever it is, I’m just stoked to have gotten something.  So thanks, babe and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

Love, love!

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