Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Thursday

Did you know that I thought today was Monday?  Don’t know why I thought that. 

So this “thing” is still clinging to me so I thought I’d share some random thoughts buzzing around this ‘ol brain of mine.

` When did I become such a hoarder with boxes?  Any type of box: small, medium, large, cute.  I keep them.  All of them.

` Radical #1 is growing up so fast.  He’ll be 4 in a couple of months.  I’ll have a 4 year old.  Is that insane or what?  It’s also time to let him go…to pre-school.  Oh, the torture!

` Radical #2 has become attached to a stuffed bear which he named “Sophie”.  Sophie goes everywhere with him.  Also, Sophie is a ‘he’.  Hmmm…

` The ants go marching one by one….The more I hunt them down, the more they come and harass me.  I can’t stand them, especially the biting ones.  And they only bite me.

` It’s been cold here.  I’ve been in a jacket all day kind of cold.  Don’t ask me what the temperature is.  If you ask me how cold it is my answer will be “not bad”, “cold”, or “freezing my butt cold!”  And now that I’ve typed the word “cold” 6 times, I find it to be an odd word.  Fork is another odd word to me.

` There’s a strong FOUL smell coming from my neighbor’s house.  I can’t bring myself to type the thought that crossed my mind.  Let’s just say that he’s not the nicest person in the world; we’ve had confrontations a few times which resulted in calling the police.  One of those confrontations was him blocking me in my driveway with his jalopy truck and silently calling me out.  So based on that, you can form your own opinion on what I was thinking…

` My little {well, not so little anymore} brother proposed to his GF on Valentine’s Day.  It warmed my heart when he asked for my approval but I reminded him that he needs her father’s approval.  I’m so happy for him and my future SIL!!

` This has been his favorite thing to do lately.  He’s obsessed with umbrellas.  I set it up and he sits under it and eats his box of raisins while hanging out with Sophie.

yep, that would be a binky.  i have a post coming on that subject soon.

I hope y’all have a great day! 

P.S.  The weekend is almost here!!!  But I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows that.

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Monet said...

LMAO at Sophie being a "he" LOL that is seriously too cute ! & that neighbor sounds a bit creepy lol