Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Manners...ever heard of them?

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Or maybe it’s called common courtesy?  I don’t know but either way, some people need to learn it.  I’ve never came across so much people who don’t have manners or, um, common courtesy.  I’m not sure if y’all are going to agree with me.  This is just my opinion and feelings.

When I go into a store or an office and there’s someone walking in behind me or coming out, I hold the door open.  That’s just how I was raised.  That’s what I know.  But I’ve been seeing less of this and I’ve had one too many doors in my face that I want to scream. And most of these people are males! I mean, seriously?!  Did you not see me right behind you?  Oh no, I know you saw me because you looked back at me while walking in.  Would holding the door take up that much of your time?  I mean, we’re talking a millisecond.  Whatever.  Thanks a lot!

Or, another situation is when I’m coming out and the person (again, most times a male) coming in thinks I’m holding the door open for them.  Try let me get out of the door first and then I’ll be glad to hold the door open for you.  Or when I do hold the door open, the person either looks at me like I’m strange (ever heard of the phrase ‘thank you’?) or walks out like they’re the king or queen of Hawaii.  Like holding the door open for them is my job and I should be honored to be in their presence.  Pssht!  I’ll be happy to slam this door in yo’ face and knock some sense back into you because you are so not the king or queen of Hawaii!  Okay sorry, I wouldn’t say that but sometimes I think it. 

It’s just that this really bothers me.  I know I need to get over it. But before I get over it, here’s another example: Just the other day I was coming out of the doctor’s office with my radicals in tow when there was a couple coming in.  I could’ve been rude and acted like I didn’t see them so they had to move but I’m not rude like that.  So we move to the side and wait.  They can see us. His wife walks in.  He walks in.  The door closes and he looks back at me and then looks at the door.  I shit you not.  Again, seriously?!  I’m not saying that I need special treatment because I have kids.  But when I see someone with their hands full (of whatever it may be), I’m quick to hold the door open for them.   

It’s come to a point where I think I need anger management for this.  And you better believe that when my radicals get older and I see them do sh*t like that, they’ll get a slap in the head. Damn straight.  Or maybe I should take another look at my goals and practice some ‘patience’.  Does anyone else agree on the holding the door open thing?  Or do you disagree?  Feel free to share your take on it because I think I’m going nuts!

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Anonymous said...

Lol, I am right there with you. I was raised to sue my manners and mind my p's and q's. I hold doors for children, women, men, elderly - you name it. As does my husband. As long as you know you're doing the right, kind and polite thing, that's all that matters :)