Monday, January 23, 2012

OCD: Socks

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Every time I fold or match socks, I think of my dear ‘ol friend Roch.  This girl has the weirdest thing about socks.

We talk every weekend in the wee hours of the morning to catch up on life and one morning she was complaining about attacking her two baskets of socks.  “I don’t understand” I said to her.  And she’s all “well, I just don’t have the energy to do these socks.”  And I’m all “I still don’t understand, please enlighten me.”

Turns out she really does have OCD when it comes to socks.  First, she lets them sit in the basket because she cringes while thinking of them.  Then, she has to mentally prepare herself and find the motivation to grab the basket and tackle the job.  If she comes across a dingy sock, she needs to go through every.single.sock in the darn basket to find the sock that has the exact same dinginess.  Is that possible?  Can two socks that go on different feet have the exact same marks or dinginess?  I mean, I can see if socks get worn out but she really takes it a step further.  She lines up all the socks on her bed and goes through every one to make sure they match have the same marks.  Really?  OMG, I almost fell out of my chair dying of laughter when she told me this.  “You gotta be shit-ing me!” I said to her.  And she’s all “No, I’m serious!” 

I couldn’t believe it.  Props to her for having patience with socks!  So, every time I fold socks I can’t help but to think of her.  And although I’m not as anal as her, I find myself double checking the dinginess.  Thanks Roch!  She cracks me up!

Happy Monday!

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Cia said...

This is so funny to me because I too have a "sock basket" and I dread having to go through them. There are also 5 people in my home and an endless supply of unmatched socks.