Friday, January 20, 2012

It's the little things...

Happy Friday, Lovelies!  I was going to link up with Lindsay today to share the little things that made me smile this week but I’m having technical linking issues.  So I’ll post it anyway until I figure it out.

The ocean is The Mister’s playground.  He’s always fishing or diving.  I’m pretty sure if he had it his way, he’d live in the ocean.  He went lobster diving last night and it made me smile when I heard the excitement in his voice about his biggest catch to date.  Did I mention that it was 2am and he just had to wake me up to tell me?
I can’t get over the size of this one!  Why go to Red Lobster when y’all can come to my house?!  BYOB though…haha!

This little piece of paper will get me a 24 pack of toilet paper for $1.99!  Or maybe it’s 12; either way $1.99 is a deal!

We got this tree about a year ago and lookie what decided to make an appearance.  I didn’t expect to get anything since it was a baby tree but I was absolutely amazed at how full the flower was.

What made you smile this week? 

Hooray for Fridays!


SimplyHeather said...

Holy Lobster!! Wow for 1.99? That really is a good deal. Yay Spring is almost here and the flowers are blooming! Well kind of almost here. LOL

angie on maui said...

Holy Crustacean! That is a HUUUUUGGGEEEEEE lobster! Amazing (and yummy!). :)

I love our Rewards at Foodland...that is exactly how we got a free turkey at Thanksgiving. :)

Cia said...

Hey Jenn,

Thank you so much for following my blog. And I appreciate the positive words and am so glad you are getting something out of it.

By the way you have a beautiful family!

And toilet paper for $1.99 sign me up lol