Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things don't always go as planned.

Hey lovelies!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy February!  Sheesh.  I know, I know…I always go MIA on y’all but this time?  This time my world was flipped upside down and I’m slowly making my way back. 

Side note: Sorry in advance for blogging your eyeballs off my first time back in 2 months.

Let’s rewind for a bit back to December 28th, shall we?  I was determined to ring in the New Year with a clean and organized house.  I was 37 weeks pregnant (I know, total fail on the bump updates!) and in pain.  Incision pains to be more specific.  My doctor told me at every appointment that I needed to let him know if I had any incision pains but my definition of pain was if I felt like I was dying and dying I was not.  So the stubborn person that I am kept on pushing to get my house cleaned.  I would just take a break when the pain was really sore and start again when it subsided.

On top of cleaning and organizing my house, I planned to finish prepping for Radical #3.  I had the bulk of everything washed and put away so I just had to tie up some loose ends.  Loose ends also included purchasing some last minute items.  Anyhoo, with the pain, trying to clean, and tending to the Radicals, I was over it and convinced myself to finish the following week since I had 2 more weeks until birth day. 

We went home for New Year’s Eve and the pain was still clinging to me.  I had planned to get my shopping done since my mom would be with me but I was over it once again.  My mom said to give her my list and she would do it for me.  But again, my stubborn self told her that since I had a doctor’s appointment the following Wednesday, I would wrap up everything then.

I survived New Years. 

The plan for Wednesday, January 2nd, was to get through my appointment, finish up my shopping, and then come home and finish up my cleaning, organizing, taking down the Christmas décor, and to finish prepping for Radical #3.  My appointment was at 10am, I was running late (story of my life), and I didn’t have time to get my Starbucks.  No biggie.  I could get my fix after my appointment.  I go in and do the normal weight check and yada-yada.  We also schedule my c-section for January 16th.  The nurse asked if I was having any incision pain so I told her “yeah, a little here and there since last Friday.”  The doctor comes in a gives me a lecture on how important it is to let him know and gives me background on what could go wrong.  He lays me down and gently presses on my incision and my flinch and “ouch” leads to his response of “I’m taking this baby out today!” 

What?!  I asked him if I could go home and finish cleaning and laundry first.  True story.  Haha!

He told me to get dressed and meet the nurse in the interview room to get my paperwork completed.  I went numb and felt like I was in the twilight zone.  As the nurse was doing my paperwork I tried to get a hold of the Mister who was (insert sarcasm) conveniently at a playground with the Radicals in a no cell service zone.  I turned into a texting maniac and texted my parents and the BFF who (insert sarcasm again) conveniently lived 2.5 hours away.  I made my dad crazy when I wouldn’t answer my phone and when I finally called him back he asked where the Mister was.  I told my dad about the no cell service crap; thanks Verizon, no I cannot hear you now! 

It was 11:30am and I was due up at the hospital at 1pm.  My dad and I planned to keep calling the Mister for another 20 minutes or so.  20 minutes came and went and still no answer from the Mister.  My dad decided to send an officer to the location where the Mister was.  I told him not to because how embarrassing is that?  Then I gave in because this baby was coming whether I liked it or not.  Not that I wasn’t excited to meet him, I just had a bit more “nesting” to finish.  Sometimes having a dad in law enforcement has its perks.

In the meantime, I was debating whether to get my shopping done now with the hour I had to kill.  I was bummed because I couldn’t have my Starbucks fix or eat anything so I sat in my car to get my head together.  I didn’t have my hospital bag packed and there was no sense in driving home because I only had about 45 minutes left.  So I decided to go visit a friend until it was hospital time.  I was surprisingly the calm one in the midst of all the “chaos.”

The Mister finally calls and asks if I’m okay because the officer told him I was in labor.  It reminded me of the “telephone exercise” we used to do in elementary school; the final message does not match the initial message.  I told him I had to be at the hospital by 1pm and we were doing the c-section at 3pm and he said he would be there asap.

I got to the hospital and they got me into a room to start prepping me.  I was amazed at how fast 2 hours went by and as “go time” was approaching, I started to get nervous.  The Mister wasn’t there and my parents were on the road and there was no way they would make it by 3pm.  That meant I would be by myself during my c-section because the Mister had to stay with the Radicals.  

There I was outside of the surgery room.  There was no turning back.  No pausing time.   I was on the verge of a tear-fest because everything was going by so fast and I had to do it alone so I tuned everyone out.  We finally get into the surgery room and I get numbed up.  The curtain goes up.  I hear my doctor and another doctor talking about hospital policies while they are snipping away and pulling at me.  The anesthesiologist is telling me about her car being at the shop, the mechanic is not calling her back, and she needs it to pick up some friends at the airport.  I kept asking myself if they were done yet/how long is this going to take while trying to keep up with the car conversation and at 3:26pm I finally got to meet Radical #3.

 Mark-Simiona Taula’i Lagunte
6lbs 5oz 19in

We’re all doing good and slowly getting back into a routine.  Hopefully once that happens, I get can back into the blogging groove. 

Happy Wednesday!

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