Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Randoms

Happy Thursday!  It’s been an interestingly bizarre week so here’s some randoms for y’all.

…I think there’s a slipper monster lingering in the bush outside my house.  Radical #2 is always missing a side.  I’m getting tired of buying new slippers.  Would I be horrible for making him wear mismatched pairs?  It’ll be the same as allowing him to rock the Spiderman costume to the grocery.

…I’ve created a monster.  Radical #2 insists on having a tall apple juice, not an apple juice box from Starbucks because he pretends it’s his caramel macchiato.

…I’m in the market for a new hat to use during my “I don’t feel like brushing my hair” days.  And also my know-it-all-observant cousin hates the hat that I’m currently sporting.

… I was wondering why the font on my posts was different and my brain’s light bulb finally turned on…look at the font box Jenn!  What does it say?  Sometimes I can be such an idiot.

…Radical #2 asked for a trumpet fish.  Um…any idea where I can find a trumpet fish?

…I seriously need to think before I speak and practice what I preach with the Radicals.  When I hear filth coming from the Radicals mouths I’m quick to tell them “you like me slap your mouth?”  I constantly have a potty mouth (I’m working on it!) and one day Radical #1 tells me “eh, you like me slap your mouth?!” 

 …I feel like I’m about to be swallowed by the papers and boxes in my office.  Or as the Mister calls it “the rubble” in the office.  I can’t think when chaos is around me.  I should be organizing but since it’s so overwhelming, I’ll just sit here and blog.  Very productive Jenn, very productive.

…Mom of the year over here!  Pizza for breakfast, snack, and lunch just so I can get rid of the evidence before the Mister gets home.  I lied when he checked in with us last night and told him the Radicals wanted saimin.

…Is it weird that I’m excited for the Super Bowl even though I don’t watch the darn sport?  What I am excited about is making Super Bowl food.  That’s not weird right?

…Children are so honest and innocent and sometimes the things they say are hilarious.  Radical #2 was asked if he goes to school.  His reply was “not yet, my mom said I have to wipe my butt 7 more times.

The End.

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