Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lessons Learned #1: Just get it done

What a great time to share this with you since I just posted my goals for 2014.  On the list was to plan ahead and get’r done.  And remember how I said that I’ve fallen off of the wagon a few times?  Well, this particular situation was one of those times.

I’m not too on it when it comes to safety checks and current registrations.  I mean, those darn stickers are on the back of my car and it’s not a habit of mine to constantly check it.  Maybe if those stickers were on my dashboard in clear sight then maybe I might see that they are expired. 

Anyway, I have this cousin who observes everything and will not stop bugging me until I do something about it.

I don’t mean to stress you out more but did you set a date and location for Radical #3’s party?

(The whole month of October including the day of Halloween) “Are you going to get the kids’ Halloween costumes?

Your safety check is expired.

Your safety check is expired.

Your safety check is expired.

Ugh geez, I hear you!  So we’re driving around one day and I see a sign that says Safety Checks; No Appointment Needed.  How convenient and just what I’m looking for.  I annoyingly turn into the convenient-no-appointment-needed establishment and write my name on the waiting list.  We wait for what seemed like an eternity just for the lady to tell me that I didn’t pass because my license plate bulb was out. 

What?!?  My license plate has a bulb?

She goes on to tell me that I have 30 days to fix it and if I go over the 30 days I’ll have to pay for another safety check.

A week goes by and the observant cousin asks “did you get the bulb for your license plate?”  “No, the Mister said he’s going to use the one on his truck.” I answered.

Did the Mister change your bulb on your license plate?” asked the observant cousin, 2 weeks later.  “No, I’m just going to get my own.” I responded.  “Well, you should check the expiration date on your paper or else you’ll have to pay another $25.00.” replied the cousin.

I check the date of when my inspection was done.  12/06/2013. 

Did you get the bulb?” he asked, a week later.

It was now January 3rd, a day already jammed packed with things to do.  And it was a Friday which meant I also had my grandmother to shuttle around.  Oh and, it was still Winter Break and I had 2 Radicals tagging along.  The bulb is bought and changed, ready to go but chaos fell upon me and I didn’t make it to the inspection.  I held my composure and told myself that the date says 12/06/13 so I have until Monday 01/06/2014.  Monday comes around and I roll up convinced that I’ll pass my inspection.  I write my name on the waiting list and wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  I finally hear my name being called.  I give the lady my papers and hand over my keys.  She looks at my papers, then at me and says “this is expired.  You had 30 days; not 31 days.

I was speechless at first and then became very frustrated because 1) I waited with 2 wild banshees all that time for nothing and 2) I was willing to pay the $25 but forgot they only took cash and I was $3 short.  I drove away wanting to bash the lady’s head in.  I pulled into a parking lot and called my cousin screaming at him about how I was ONE day too late and $3 short on cash.

After my vent session, I quickly realized that I am the only one to blame.  I can’t blame the lady and I can’t blame what happened the Friday prior.  That was my consequence for waiting until the very last minute.  Had I done what was supposed to be done, I wouldn’t be telling you this story and I wouldn’t have to shell out another $25.

Lessons learned…lessons learned.

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