Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The one time when my common sense didn’t exist.

Happy Hump Day!  I was going to do our vacation recap today but Radical #1’s episode this morning sparked a memory that I wanted to share.  

I’ve posted many of times about Kona, my home-home sweet home, and how the drive there is about 2.5 hours.  The biggest reason I dread the drive is because Radical #1 gets car sick.  Not fun for the both of us.  We would either make the drive early in the morning when he’s still half asleep or during nap time around noon.  

But there were still times when I had to pull out the plastic baggie because the car sickness kicked in.  2.5 hours of crying, screaming, and puking.  And there were times when I had to drive by myself which would take us even longer with all the pit stops.  


Last year his pediatrician prescribed him vomiting pills and Benadryl.  Apparently Benadryl will prevent him from getting nauseated.  Huh, who knew?  Obviously not me.  It totally helped with the drive to Kona!

Anyway, one time he caught the stomach bug and everything that came with it.  Vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite, couldn’t hold anything down, crankiness, etc.  You name it, he had it.  It went on for four days and we both had enough so I took him to see his pediatrician.  

The ped confirmed that it was indeed a stomach bug but we needed to let it take its course.  You know those times when you know the ped can’t do anything about it but you still want to punch him in the face because he can’t do anything about it?  Haha!  

This was the remainder of our conversation…side note: its okay if you feel the need to reach into your computer and slap me after reading said conversation…

Ped: “Since Tyson’s been vomiting, have you been giving him those pills I prescribed?”
Me: “The vomiting pills?”
Ped: “Yeah, those.”
Me: “Um, no because I thought they were for his vomiting when he gets car sick?”
Ped: silent with a confused look for a few seconds then literally laughs out loud…”Jenn, vomiting is vomiting whether you’re in the car or at home; give him the pills if he’s vomiting!”

I felt like a complete idiot and a total mommy failure.  I made Radical #1 suffer for all those days because I thought car vomiting was different from home vomiting.  Did I really think that?  I told the Mister about the “vomiting is vomiting” conversation and he just shook his head and was all “duh!”  Well duh nothing because it’s not like he thought of giving Radical #1 those pills! 

Anyway, hope you had a good laugh for your Wednesday!  I’ll be back tomorrow.

Until then,

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Connie Haskell said...

I would have thought the same thing..I mean car sick vomiting seems like it would deserve a different treatment than virus vomiting...oh my a drug for! Cute picture of #1!