Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally! Vacation Recap

It’s almost the weekend!  I’m super excited because we’re going home-home sweet home!  Anyway…

I'm finally posting the recap of our vacation from 2 weeks ago.  And my plan of taking pictures of everything went out the window as soon as we landed.  I have a little point and shoot that gets lost in my ginormic bag and with 2 Radicals running in opposite directions, I need both my hands to be free at all times.  And that leads to getting tired of rummaging through my bag a million times and most times, by the time I get my camera, the thing I wanted to take a picture of is gone.  But enough with the boring camera issues and on to our vacation.  

Radical #1 was in awe with the airplane.  He loved it so much that he wouldn’t have known any better if we cancelled the vacation and went home. 

We finally landed and the Radicals were in awe even more with the escalator that took us down to the baggage claim.  They thought it was the coolest thing in the world and didn’t want to leave.  Funny little people…we didn’t even start our vacation yet and they rather hang out at the airport.

We got the car and off we went but before I go on, I have to say that every time we go to O’ahu, driving causes an argument.  All the time.  Never fails.  I couldn’t drive on that island if my life depended on it.  There’s too much lanes, too much signs that I can’t see, too much cars.  It’s just too much and it makes me crazy so I rely on the Mister to drive.  But he relies on me to tell him where to go and if we get lost?  It’s my fault.  Guaranteed. 

Anyway, 1st stop…Aoki’s in Haleiwa.  Oh how I’ve longed for you.

A visit with Nana and her horses and chickens at the ranch.

After the ranch, we hung out, BBQ’d, and had a few.  It was 10:30pm and we still hadn’t checked in to our hotel which happened to be in Waikiki.  Bring on the getting lost and more arguments because we’re lost.  The only thing I could think of was that the front desk being closed and we would be homeless for the night but alas, we found it and they were open.  Thank you, Lord.  Did I mention it was 12am?

Thursday we went to the Children’s Discovery Center.

And the Disney Aulani Resort to have lunch with the Mister’s cousin.

Then to the Mister’s grandpa’s house for another BBQ.  There were no pictures because I was pooped and couldn’t find the energy to find my camera again.  Can I just say that I was in love with that house?  The kitchen and the walk-in pantry to be more specific.

Friday we went to the zoo and the aquarium with the Mister’s dad.

I’m backing it up just a bit…while planning this trip I asked the Mister if I could have a girl’s day with the SIL.  Just us, no boys, no kids.  I know that can sound selfish but hey, I never have “me time” and if the opportunity presents itself, I’m taking it.  And I mean, the Mister would be surrounded by family so it’s not like I left him and the Radicals in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves. 

So Saturday was reserved for girl’s day; a day of shopping, eating and hanging out, and girl talk. I was looking forward to this day for a month and when it finally came, I didn’t want to go.  Why?  On Friday night, I asked the Mister what he was planning to do while I was having my girl’s day.  He said he was taking the Radicals to the water park with his brother (the SIL’s hubby) and his kids, and their cousin with their kids.  Really?  I was missing out on family fun at the water park because of girl’s day.  I kind of felt selfish and like a bad mom.  He convinced me to take the day to myself because I always have the Radicals and I never have a break and blah, blah, blah.  I was sad when I watched them drive away and then panicked because I forgot to give the camera to the Mister.  I felt empty.  I didn’t know what to do with myself while waiting for the SIL to pick me up.  I called a girlfriend and rambled away about my feelings and because she’s such a great friend, she gave me a pep talk and encouraged me to take the day to myself.  Thanks Roch!

The SIL and I went to Ala Moana and good Lord, it was overwhelming for me.  Small town girl is not used to big malls.  There were 3 floors and I made it through 5 or 6 stores until I threw in the towel.  I was over it.  I realize that I didn’t even put a dent in the mall but I’m fine with that.  That trip was good enough for me.  I did get all the clothes I needed though.  That was the main thing.

That night the Mister’s dad and stepmom watched the Radicals while we went out to dinner at the Oceanarium.  Good food plus good company and 11 Tropical Itch’s later equaled a good night.

Sunday we hung out at the park with my nephew and the Mister’s stepmom.  My nephew, Kekoa, is a fire knife dancer.  Go here to check out a highlight of his last performance (fast forward to 5:05 minutes).  Then we went to the Mister’s cousin’s house for another BBQ.

Monday was our final day there.  In the morning we went to the Mister’s heaven on earth.  The Radicals and I kept ourselves busy while the Mister perused the goodies.  We met up with the Mister’s brother and cousin along with their families to have a final good-bye lunch.  Gosh, that sounded so final and sad…
All in all it was a great trip.  The Radicals had a blast, the Mister and I had fun and some us time, we got to visit with family that we haven’t seen in forever.  Until we meet again...

Whew, that was a long recap.  Sorry for the overload.  Hope y’all have a happy Thursday!

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