Monday, June 18, 2012

It never gets old

Hey lovelies, I’m back from vacation!  
Well, I’ve actually been back since last Monday but it took me a week to recuperate.  
Life’s been hectic.  
Anyhoo, I’m planning on doing a recap of our vacation later this week.  
But today I’m going to share all of the treasures I’ve been finding in our yard.  
It never gets old…

I was greeted by these one morning

This was right under our stairs

Macadamia nuts

Bloom, gardenia, bloom!

I hope your Monday was great! 

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Connie Haskell said...

Posted earlier, not sure what happened! Welcome home, so glad you guys had fun! This weekend when I stopped short, Puakenikeni balls came rolling out from under my seat..made my day thinking of your boys who "gifted" me with these! LOL! BTW, it is good to pick those "balls" when the flowers are blooming...