Friday, June 29, 2012

It's on like Donkey Kong

Be positive, Jenn.
Look at the whole picture and find the positive, Jenn.
Find a positive way to deal with situations, Jenn.
Love they neighbor, Jenn.

The first three statements?  Okay, I can do that and I’ve been actually trying my hardest to practice them.  

That last statement?  Um.  NO.

He has pushed me to my breaking point.  I am beyond livid.  I’m tired of calling the police and I’m pretty sure they are tired of responding to these shenanigans.

911: "911 operator, what’s your emergency?"
Me: "My neighbor is harassing me so can you send an officer?"
911: "What’s your address?"
Me: "123 Happy Street."
911: "Oh, it’s you guys again…."

Okay, so that’s not what they said but I’m sure that when they hear my address they think that! 

The last time I called 911, I told them they needed to send someone like now or else they will find my neighbor in a body bag.  Yes, I was that angry and you would be too if your neighbor was crazy and blocked you in your driveway all because he thought you were prank calling him the night before.  

Seriously, buddy?  I don’t even know your name let alone your number and I have better things to do besides call you.  If I knew your number and your name.  

The first time he yelled at me I started to cry.  It was horomones; I was pregnant with Radical #1.  And then he offered me a piece of candy.  To make me feel better I guess?

So back to this morning…at 5:30am.  I wake up to him yelling and my first thought was oh gosh, what now?  I go outside and the Mister is standing at the fence calm as can be while the neighbor is yelling.  I just have to say that I’m very proud of the Mister for keeping his cool because man, he has a temper.  

So anyway, I asked what all the yelling was about and why are we yelling at 5:30 in the morning?  The Mister tells me the neighbor is mad because Radical #1 makes his dog bark.  He’s mad because we let the Radicals play in our yard or ride their Gator around our property and it causes his dog to bark.  He’s convinced that Radical #1 is taunting his dog on purpose and we need to discipline him.

 *side note: There was one time when Radical #1 was trying to talk to his dog, the dog started barking, and the neighbor yelled at Radical #1. 

Then, the neighbor yells at me to stay out of it and it’s all about disciplining my child and having respect for them.  What the what?  Then his wife or mom or whoever she is starts in with the yelling about disciplining my child.  Oh hell no they did not just go there.  

So what does Jenn do?  She loses her temper and starts screaming too.  Basically telling screaming to them to not tell me what to do/where my kids can play on my property and how to raise my kids.  But here’s the real kicker and when I really see red.  The “wifemom” tells the Mister “ shut your phony bi**h up!”  

Oh man, I lost it.  

Lost it to the point where I was about to walk over there and beat her.  Lost it to the point where the Mister had to grab me and hold me back.  She’s lucky there was a fence standing between us.  The Mister calls the police, they come and tell us the same thing they told us the times before.  Basically they can’t do anything but give him a warning.  They told us to get a TRO today and the next time he says anything, they will come and arrest him.  Whoopdeedo....

It’s always something with him.  First, we’re too loud and we purposely shined our garage light into his wifemom’s room into her eyeballs (he was serious, LOL!).  Mind you, we live on an acre so it's not like our houses are super close together.  Second, I supposedly prank called him and that gave him the right to block me in my driveway.  And now, my 4 year old purposely taunts his dog to bark and they ride their Gator around the yard on purpose just to irritate his dog.

I realize that I’m being stubborn and far from positive but sorry, this is the third strike and he is out.  

No more Miss Nice Jenn.  No more brushing off their multiple personalities.  I’ve had enough.  And why should I have to always feel like I’m walking on eggshells?  Why should I have to limit the Radicals to a certain area of our yard?  Why should I have to live my life paranoid because I don’t know what will set him off?  I should have ran his ass him over the second time he got stupid with me.

When I get mad

So now that some hours have passed and I had the chance to think about what the heck just happened, I came to this conclusion…

I won’t get mad anymore, I’ll just get even.

Happy Friday!


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Connie Haskell said...

OMG...what is his problem? The guy is seriously in need of some! Did I just say that? Wonder why they left their "home land" probably people didn't want them there! Hang in there girlie....yikes!