Thursday, May 24, 2012

Excuse Me?

Do you have phone etiquette?  Yes?  Well I’m glad you do because there are other people who need to learn it.  I’ve had my fair share of buttholic (butt-hole-ick; yep I just made up my own word) people who don’t know how to act when on the phone especially when they are the ones who called me.  People without phone etiquette annoy the crap out of me.  

A couple of days of days ago the phone rang and I answered...

“Hello?” I said.

“Who dis?”  said the mysterious caller.

Now I have to tell you that I was having a pretty good day so I didn't rip this guy a new one but I did have some attitude.  But if I was having a crappy day the conversation would have proceeded like this…

Me: “Who dis?  No, No, No.  Eh, you no call me and tell me ‘who dis’.  Who da hell are you?  You called me!  You no call somebody and say ‘who dis’.  What da hell is the wrong witchu (with you)?!”  “So who is dis and who you looking for?”

The caller: “Oh yeah yeah sorry yeah.  Um, yeah dis is Jack the Crack and yeah dis numba had show up on my phone and yeah I was jus wondering…who dis.”

Me: “There you go with your ‘who dis’ again.  You could have just said from the very beginning who you were and why you were calling; not just ‘who dis’.  Learn how fo ack when you call somebody! (translates to learn how to act when you call somebody!)

Yep, there I am in all my “tita moke” glory.  What’s a “tita moke’ you ask?  

I’m not proud when I act like that but push me to that place and I’ll rip you a new one.  

Anyhoo, back to the mysterious caller from a couple of days ago…I showed him some mercy only because I’ve been noticing that all the people who call with no phone etiquette are calling for the Mister.  And I don’t want them to rag on him about how much of a witch I am.  So here was my nice version of the conversation…

Me: “Hello?”
Caller: “Who dis?”
Me: “This is Jenn and who is this?”
Caller: “Oh somebody went call my numba and I wanted fo no who dis?”
Me: “And you are?”


Me: “Hello?  Maybe you know Kawai (the Mister) and if so he ain’t home.”
Caller: “Oh yeah yeah!  Oh dis Dexta (Dexter); tell him fo call me ah?!”
Me: “Okay then!”

Consider yourself lucky “Dexta”!  And by the way…learn some phone etiquette!

There you go my friends, one of my biggest pet peeves but I’m learning to brush it off and let it go.  But do you know what I mean?!?  Tell me that wouldn’t annoy you guys!  

Hope your Thursday is grand!

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