Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Thankful...

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I’m posting this today because we’ll be on the road tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning and I won’t have a computer.  We’re going home for Thanksgiving weekend!  It’s been a month since I’ve been home and I’m in need for some family time.

After posting my complicated living situation I was feeling a little Debbie Downer-ish.  Although I get all emotional and remember the hurt and bitterness, I’m reminded that it’s made me a stronger person.  Anyway, with that said…

I’m Thankful for…

-          The bumpy road I’ve traveled.  I’ve learned from it, I’m a changed person, my outlook on life is more positive.  I took a crappy situation and used it as a motivator to get my life back on track.
-          My radicals.  They changed my world.  They are my everything.  I’ll love and cherish them forever and a day.
-          The mister.  We’ve been through a lot.  Our ups and downs and everything in between but we’re still standing strong.
-          My mom, dad, family, and friends.  They are my encouragement, support, and my worst critics who keep me in check (haha)!
-          Mr. Moscato.  My bff during happy hour ;)
-          Blogland and the lovelies behind the blogs.  Y’all, I’m serious!  The inspiration, support, encouragement.  It’s amazing.

Alrighty friends!  I hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the yummy food and time with family and friends!  Oh, and does anybody get all crazy and aggressive during Black Friday?  Do I need a helmet and body padding?  Catch y’all next week!


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