Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Not Crazy!

Happy Monday Friends!

As soon as November graced us with its presence I wanted my Christmas decorations up.  I decided to wait until we were into the second week and when that time arrived I asked the mister if he could bring up all of the Christmas decorations and the tree.  Yes, we have an artificial tree (argh! long story, maybe later).  Anyway, when I asked him, he gave me the ‘YOU’RE CRAZY!’ look and went on and on about how it’s too early and we didn’t even celebrate Thanksgiving yet and blah, blah, blah! 

I may be crazy but with this, I surely am not and here are my reasons: 1) the stores already had their Christmas stuff up for weeks now, 2) Christmas is in the air and I’ve been seeing commercials on tv for a week now, 3) there are people who already have their tree and decorations up, and 4) the holiday season is going to come and go super fast and I just want to enjoy my tree and decorations and the holiday feeling as long as possible!

I asked the mister again last night about our tree and decorations and he’s all “okay” with a tone that I know all too well.  He’s just telling me okay just to get me to shut it about the subject.  Poor guy-I probably have him overwhelmed with all the projects going on in this house and maybe one more thing is just too much for him to take in.  We are currently wrecking shop in our kitchen and he’s so focused on getting it done that he doesn’t want to think of anything else.  So, I thought of a brilliant plan: I’ll just get all the boxes myself!  The radicals and I can put up the tree and when the mister comes home, we can all decorate!  Good plan Jenn, good plan.

So see, I’m not crazy.  I’m actually behind time on the Christmas decorating wagon.


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Anonymous said...

Lol, you are too cute. And I love your idea of surprising him by putting it up on your own with the kiddos. Not only will you and the kids be happy, but I'm sure your hubby will too :) For some reason, guys just aren't into the whole decorating thing like we are :b