Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green Light.

I’ve decided to kick my rear back into reality and get over whatever funky-ness  that took over my brain.  Hooray! 

I love decorating and browsing through pictures of different homes and rooms but when it comes to the home I currently live in, I need to tread softly.  My living situation is complicated and I’ve tried desperately to go with the flow without complaining but after 5 years, frustration is starting to take its toll.  But that’s all I’m going to say about that in this post.  Maybe I’ll have the energy to post about my complicated living situation later.

Anyway, I got the green light from The Mister after much begging about wanting to do my projects.  I figured if I call them “projects” instead of saying re-decorating, it’ll be easier on his ears.  So, since my kiddos don’t have a room of their very own (remember, it’s complicated) I told The Mister that I wanted to make them a play area in the living room but in order to do that the pool table needed to be exited to an area not in this household.  And guess what?!?  The pool table is finally gone!  I am so stoked beyond words.  I mean, this pool table was huge and took up half the living room.  Not only did it not look right, it was also a hazard {in my eyes} and it wasn’t being used.  I have 2 little radicals and I could just see them jumping off of it and breaking a leg.  Or, the one time when The Mister forgot to put the balls away and Little Man #1 thought they were meant for throwing.  Not a good idea and I could just picture him throwing a pool ball at Little Man #2’s head.
So, with this pool table being gone it was time to do a little re-arranging.  I had to wait a couple of days for this one because we have this big dresser thing that I couldn’t move.  I normally can manage to move furniture by myself but this darn thing would not budge!  The Mister finally had a day off this past Friday and after four tries {of moving it}, a pulled back muscle, and some good hearty laughs, it was finally moved.

I wanted to take before and after pictures but my camera crapped out on me {sigh}….ahh, it’s bittersweet.  The Mister said I can have the camera I oh so want for my birthday in October which means I have to go a month and couple weeks of no picture taking {another sigh}.

I finally got to go home this past weekend and although it was great to see my family, I was on a mission to find furniture and décor for the play area.  Mission sort of accomplished.  All I have left to get is the activity table for the kiddos and we’re set.

We had to stay an extra day for Little Man #1’s dentist appointment.  Yes, I have to drive 2.5 hours to his dentist but now I’m getting smart and booking them around the weekend.  Anyway, I was dreading this appointment because brushing a 3 year old’s teeth is not fun when he’s not in the mood.  I thought I was for sure going to get scolding from the dentist but all went well.  Little Man #1 actually surprised me when he willingly sat up in that chair like a big boy.  No screaming or crying.  And, he is now a member of the “A’ole {Hawaiian for no} Cavity Club”.  I was so proud but mad because I couldn’t take a darn picture!  I did get a picture on my phone so if I could just figure out how to upload it.

Now that I’ve blogged your eyeballs off, I’m going to get my rear in gear and finish the play area.

Happy Tuesday!

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