Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the Dark.

Calling all electricians…who actually know what they’re doing.  Let me start by telling you about this house and its electrical issues: 90% of the outlets don’t work, I can’t use my blow dryer in my room because I guess the voltage is too high and the power will go out, I have to run an extension cord from the living room while I’m vacuuming the back part of the house and I can’t run the ac for too long because again, the power will go out, and now the lights and outlets in my kitchen are not working.

And since there are only so many outlets in the kitchen, over half of them being on the wall that is sometimes working, I’ve been playing musical appliances for months.  One word: HAZARD.  Why don’t I call an electrician you ask?  Well, I have two main reasons. 

The first one being that The Mister has this “friend” who is a so-called electrician.  It’s nice to have a friend come and do the job but I’m not sure if he does a half-butt job just because he’s a friend or he actually really doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Over the past three years, he’s paid visit three times and the issues have never been fully fixed.

His first visit was to fix the power in my room because I ran the ac for too long while I was “nesting” a month before Little Man #1 was to grace the world with his presence.  I was pregnant and I was hot so why not run the ac while I’m cleaning right?  Well I was wrong because the power went out so not only did I not have ac, I didn’t have lights.  No nesting for me until said electrician showed up.  Anyway, while he was here he mumbled something about too much electricity going to one outlet and that he needed to go and get something and he would be back.  Did he come back?  No.  Let me tell you that I had a difficult time holding my tongue because said electrician is The Mister’s friend and I didn’t want it to be awkward.  But do you blame me? I was eight months pregnant with no lights and no ac and all I wanted to do was clean.  Whatever.

On the next visit, he was supposed to fix the hallway light.  He came, took apart the light, and left because he forgot his tool belt.  WTH?!?  He forgot his tool belt?  What do you mean he forgot his tool belt?  Does he do that when he goes to other jobs?  Okay Jenn, calm down.  The light now works but he needs his tool belt so he’ll be back.  But wait, it gets better: he doesn’t come back and the light he took apart had live wires hanging from the ceiling.  Awesome, just awesome.

On his last visit, our living room ceiling fan wasn’t working.  Again, he comes, does a half-butt job and says he’ll be back because he doesn’t have the right tools.  What is with this guy and his disappearing acts and not having tools on hand?  Days go by and I’m irked because it’s HOT and I need my fan.  What does said electrician say to do?  Pull the string hanging from the fan to turn it on…yeah, if I could reach the darn string!  Our ceiling is super high and even if I stood on a chair with a tongs in my hand, I wouldn’t be close to reaching it.

So when the power in the kitchen went out and The Mister said he would call his electrician friend, my answer: NO!  No to the guy who always does a half-butt job, leaves because he forgot his tools, and never comes back.  NO, NO, and NO!

My next option is to call a real electrician.  Dun dun dun….see, the problem with that is this house is so old and I’m afraid they are going to tell me that this house is not up to code and they would have to re-do EVERYTHING.  I can just picture the invoice reading “Total: thousands and thousands of dollars.  Thank you for your business!” Ugh, although that would be nice, my money tree is sort of dead. 

So, until I figure out what I’m going to do, I’ll remain in the dark and continue to play musical appliances.

Happy Hump Day!

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