Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sh*t or Get Off the Pot!

The first time my mother told me this, I thought to myself “WTH is she talking about?”  Obviously she made this up because I have never heard this.  Ever.  

Sometimes I have moments when I need to vent or complain or bitch.  I just need to let it out and all I need is an ear.  The commenting or advice section is so not open.  And after my venting session is done I can get on with my life.  In my opinion and experience, I think it’s good to let it out once in a while just so there’s no negative energy building up.  We all know what happens when you let negativity build and build and build…the spawn of Satan appears ready to rip your eyeballs out.  And most times, the person getting their eyeballs ripped out isn't the intended target.  Sigh.

Or, there are were times when I was caught complaining about the same darn thing over and over and my mother would ever so kindly tell me “well babe, sh*t or get off the pot.”  Basically, to quit complaining and do something about it.

Well, for the past month she’s been the one doing the complaining.  About EVERYTHING.  Okay maybe not everything, but I’m hearing one particular complaint day in and day out-I have to be honest, it’s getting OLD.  So mommy dearest, I’m gonna tell you (ever so kindly) “Sh*t or get off the pot!”

Huh.  Who knew potty-mouth language could be advice...



Erin Tagle said...

My parents said that too .... LOL

Connie Lou said...

does your mom know you wrote this? lol! great article...love it!