Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Spy...

My kitchen knife has been missing for a few days (tears).  It’s my most favorite knife in the world and I use it all the time when cooking.  I was a little ticked off when I learned of its disappearance and headed straight for The Mister since he’s the only other person in this household that uses knives.

- Me: “Did you use my knife recently?”
- The Mister: “No”
- Me: “Are you sure?”
- The Mister: “Yeah, why?”
- Me: “I can’t find it anywhere!!”
- The Mister: “Well did you check everywhere?  Maybe you put it somewhere else.”

I’m thinking to myself, did he just say “somewhere else” and I quickly morph into smart-ass Jenn.  I couldn’t resist, especially when I hear retarded comments like that.  Yeah, sure buddy!  Somewhere else?!?  Like where?  Why in the world would I put a KNIFE (a dangerous object) anywhere else besides the knife drawer?  Hmmm, let’s think about that…should I put it in the kid’s toy box, or maybe the linen closet, or maybe under my pillow?  So my last response to The Mister was “Oh I know, let me check my pocket!”  That was the end of the “Did you use my knife” conversation…I just couldn’t take anymore. 
So on to the real reason of my post today!   

Every morning, I like to wake up before the kiddos, drink my coffee, and go out on the lanai and soak up the sunrise.  It’s so calm and peaceful and the best way to start my day.  I can hear the birds chirping and sometimes a coqui frog singing.  Anyway, I’m enjoying my cup of joe while taking in the view and what do I spy from the corner of my eye???  Just take a wild guess!  No guesses?  Well here, let me show you…

MY KNIFE!!!  In a tree!  Huh, did it grow legs and decide that it wanted to hang out in a tree?  No!  The Mister just has a poor memory bank because he used it to cut fish and it ended up in the tree so the kiddos couldn’t get a hold of it.  Ah, I love it!  I love The Mister and his special ways to drive me bonkers.

Happy Wednesday people!


Connie Lou said...

too, too funny! now take the knife..slowly, lovingly, put it away, no stops or slash marks along the!
have a great day, jenn!

Megan said...

Hahaha! This totally made me laugh. Such a typical man!! I can't believe it was in a tree!