Friday, July 1, 2011


I’ve had so much fun being lost in blogland (enjoying Erin’s Elements, The Bargain Blonde, A Momma’s Desires and Pacifiers, and Island Buzzy-THANKS ladies for the inspiration and motivation!!) for the past week and I finally grew the balls to start my own.  Forgive me people, but I am totally new at this and I’m getting the hang of sharing my life to whoever wants to listen read.  So, I give you “The Jenn Diaries”…confessions/adventures/shenanigans of this stay-at-home mama.  I had to throw in the stay-at-home part because my life has never been so interesting until I had my two little radicals!

In the beginning I thought I was all alone with my feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated…you get the picture…of being a stay-at-home mom but all in all, it is THEE BEST JOB in the world!!  Now that I’ve been in blogland (a week now) I can see that I’m normal and there are more mamas like me out there!  Yipee for Jenn that she is considered normal…

Anywho…I feel that it is appropriate to introduce myself (for real) as my VERY FIRST post (I’m so excited I barely handle it!  I know, I’m a dork.)  Again, I have 2 radicals, oops!  I meant angels.   

My oldest, Tyson-Alexander, who just turned 3, which by the way, nobody warned me of the terrible twos lasting and getting worse for another year.  About his name…I was in this phase, not sure what kind of phase, of hyphenating names and voila!  Tyson-Alexander it is.  I also have to tell you his middle name because I think it’s so clever: Kawaiola (in Hawaiian translates to The Waters of Life) AND it is also my name and the BF’s name put together: Kawainui (the BF) + Neola (me) = Kawaiola!  Pretty clever huh?!?  So there you have it, my first radical (I mean angel), Tyson-Alexander.   

So, I guess I was still in the hyphenating phase because here I introduce you to Tylan-Joseph who is 1 1/2.  Yeah I know, I got a lot of grief about Tyson & Tylan sounding the same and also the fact that my dad kept telling me that the name Tylan reminds him of ‘Tylenol’.  Whatever daddy-o, you know you love him anyway.   So, here are the 2 little people that have my heart, they are my world, and every day is a new adventure!   

Then we have another person who has my heart, the BF.  Yes, I said the BF as in boyfriend, the father of my children.  I get grief about marriage here and there but as of this moment I’m content with the girlfriend/boyfriend thing.  Marriage will happen when it happens (say, when I’m 75, hehehe) but for now, we are a happy.  Then there’s me, Jenn.  I’m just a normal mommy/girlfriend/therapist/BFF/sister/daughter kinda gal.  Nothing fancy schmancy.  At times you can find me in my pj’s all day and other times I can pretty myself up just to go to the grocery store.  The grocery store…the story of my life!  Sometimes I feel like I live there!  Anyway, I love to love my kiddos, family, and friends.  They are the greatest and I’ll cherish them forever and a day.  I have big dreams and I LOVE wine and coffee (but not at the same time).  Shoot, if I had it my way I would somehow get me an endless supply of wine because (I can’t believe I’m going to admit this) I can drink a 1.5L bottle by myself…in one night.  Gosh, does that send red flags of an alcoholic?  I’m not, really.  I love to window shop and going to thrift stores.  I love to cook and bake.  I love the Real Housewives (NJ is my fave).  I love to-do lists and chocolate.  I love meeting new people but I have to confess that I’m just coming out of hiding-I’ve been in hiding for 6 years (but technically 2).  It seems as if I became socially awkward since I had to move to the other side of the island.  Here I am, not knowing anybody in what seemed like a strange land (LOL!).  But I worked from the wee hours of the morning til the sun went down and then I would spend my nights crying (not literally) woe is me, I miss my family and friends back home, I want to go home while drinking my wine.  Pathetic?  I know.  Then along came my kiddos and for real I was in hiding…surrounded myself with the four walls acting as if the world was evil.  That’s that in a nut shell but I’m slowly changing that back to the Jenn I know.  Whew, did I just talk your ear blog your eyeballs off or what?  To whoever is reading, I hope you don’t think I’m a total loser and I hope I didn’t bore you.  Until next time…cheers and have a FANTASTIC day!!

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