Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Monday!

Hiii Lovelies!  I’m linking up today with this lovely lady for Hello Monday!

I’m saying hello to…

…a busy week.  Although it will be busy it will also be great.

…a break from allergy shots.  Hallelujah!  It’s hard to predict Radical #2’s moods every week.  One week he’s all for it and the next I’m bribing him with a “surprise” just so he’d sit still.  I’m praying that these shots work and he’ll be able to at least tolerate dairy.

…le blog.  I know I always go MIA but quality is way better than quantity right?  I have lots to say, I really do.  If I could quiet the voices in my head then I could focus.  I know that sounds creepy…they’re not really voices though.  Promise.  And speaking of le blog, it really needs a facelift and update.  Saying it would put me one step closer to actually doing it.

…Day 7 of our #operationgetoffyourass challenge.  You can follow along on IG (@thejenndiaries) amongst my other shenanigans.

…another island tomorrow.  My allergy-baby and I are getting up before the crack of dawn and hopping on a propeller plane (eek!) to do a milk challenge.  Sometimes living on an island sucks.  Pray for me I don’t have a really bad panic attack.  Better yet, pray for the pilot and other passengers.

…making wiser choices in the food department.  I blame Aunt Flo who seems to throw me off the path just when I’m starting to make progress.  Damn you Aunt Flo.

…this Radical who will be my right-hand man Wednesday through Friday. 

DATE NIGHT.  In BIG bold letters because I am that excited!  One of the perks of moving home is having a babysitter while the Hubs and I spend some much needed alone time together. 

Tell me what you’re saying hello to!

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