Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Randoms

Morning!  My apologies for leaving you hanging again but we got a visit from the germ squad.  They came unannounced and BAM! Kicked me in the bottom.  Last week I was finally feeling better and BAM!  I tweeked my back.  How?  I guess I’m getting old and crawling on the ground to motivate Radical #3 to follow was not in my cards.  Other than that I’ve been nurturing my neglected house and playing catch up.  And since my brain is scattered, how’s about a round of randoms?

` Blinky (that’s his name, right?) from Lilo & Stitch makes me happy.  I bust-a-gut laughing whenever the movie is on which is every other day.  I don’t even have to be watching it; just hearing his voice makes me laugh.

` KitKat minis.  I’ve been waiting for you!  I’ll admit that I ate the whole entire bag in 2 days.

` Call me cheap but I refuse to pay almost $8 for a box of cereal.  If I’m paying that price, it better be made of gold or give the Radicals the “listen all the time” power.

` A house is going up across the street.  Is it horrible of me to hope that the crazy people next door will bother them instead of us?  Or maybe the craziness will stop completely.  An update post is coming on them.  Pinky promise.

` I’m having a hell of a time getting all the necessary documents together so the Radicals can go to school.  I’m about to throw in the towel.

` I have this cousin who knows just about everything and I’m always trying to find something that he doesn’t know.  Well, that day finally came…he didn’t know “cul-de-sac” had hyphens.  Ha!  He’ll never live it down.  Don’t worry, you’re pretty-I love you.

` I have a lot of projects on my to do want to do list.  I’m just blurting it out.  I’m thinking that by blurting it out, I’m one step closer to actually doing them.

Any randoms y’all want to share with me?  

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