Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taula'i: 1-5 months

Don’t worry!  I’m only posting a couple of highlights for each month so I’m not blogging your eyes off for days hours.  I’m posting this today because my little Radical will be 6 months in 3 days; EEK!

I month:
` Took your 1st road trip to visit Ama and Papa.
` Went to the beach.

2 months:
` Started sleeping through the night.  Hallelujah!
` Switched to formula; this made you more happy and content.  I was sad and beat myself up over it but that’s for another post.

3 months:
` Experienced your first Merrie Monarch week.  You loved all the attention.
` Had your first taste of poi.  Your daddy just couldn’t wait…

4 months:
` Went on your 1st plane ride to visit Nana and the rest of the family on O’ahu. 
` Started rolling over.  You gave me a mini heart attack when I woke up one morning to find you on your tummy.  Thanks for the adrenaline rush at 5am.  I was definitely wide awake after that.

5 months:
` You’re worming your way to your toys or to whatever catches your eye.
` Your 1st tooth is making an appearance.
` You love to sleep with your face down.  You get mad every time I turn your head and as soon as I walk away, you resume the face down position. I’m not sure why you do this but it makes me paranoid.

You love your brothers and the attention they give you.  They come to your rescue with every little peep you make.  They love to make you laugh and they love to cuddle with you.  You can’t wait to get in on the action but for now you’re stuck on my lap watching them, squealing in delight at everything they do.

Happy Saturday, friends!

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