Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Great Idea is NOT So Great Anymore.


Happy Thursday y’all!

Radical #2’s birthday party is approaching…and I (as in my brain & motivation) need to get it together fast.  I think part of my stress is from wondering how I’m going to get everything to the other side of the island.  See, this is the crappy part about living so far away from home.  Birthdays and holidays make me cringe because we have to load everything up and make that 3 hour drive.  These are the times when I wish we all lived closer.  Then it wouldn’t be such a big production to get together.  Never mind, I’ll stop complaining and be very thankful that we can drive instead of having to fly.  Could you imagine how much more of a stress case I’d be if we had to fly?  We would definitely not be going home as often.

Okay, sorry to get off track there.  back to my not so great idea…

I decided to do a “beach bash” as the theme and as I was thinking about the thank you favors, a light bulb went on in my head.  “why don’t I do goodie bags of homemade goodness?!”  I thought to myself.  Then I came up with the wording “thank you for celebrating with me!  hope you enjoy your ‘sea’ of goodies!”…because it’s a beach bash…awesome right?  Then I started thinking about the goodies I wanted to put in there.  As I was going over the list with the mister, he gave me that look like “you should take it easy!”  and now I’m wishing I gave his look more thought.

Before I tell you why I’m kicking myself in the rear right now, let me share the story behind this ‘sea’ of goodies.  When I think about the sea, I picture the large sea and a lot of ocean life.  And since the thank you tag says “enjoy your ‘sea’ of goodies”, I wanted a lot of goodies.  Homemade goodies need I remind you (sigh).  So here it is, the list of goodies: chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter kisses, pumpkin cookies, cake pops, and pumpkin cupcakes. 

It didn’t sound like a lot at first but now I’m asking myself what I was thinking.  Yeah, there’s only 5 items on that list but I’m baking them myself and I have like 20 bags to fill.  And me and my bright ideas got big bags (to stick to the ‘a lot’ theme).  I wasn’t going to put one of each item, I wanted to fill  the bag with them.  Oh and I have to make two extra batches of cupcakes in place of a cake for the radical. 

Great idea jenn…not!  So tonight will be the bake-a-thon and I’m hoping the radicals will go to sleep early.  Although I like to bake with them all the time, this bake session is not one of those times.  I need every last cookie and cupcake and cake pop and there is no room for cookie monsters!  Sorry radicals, you can get your goodies at the party.  Is that mean of me?  oh well.  And the mister doesn’t know this yet but he will be a master baker when this is done! 

I can’t wait until this week is over.  It seems like everything is attacking me at once.  I’m running out of days and on top of this bake-a-thon, I still have work (thanks mom, I’m about to croak!) and homework.  Oh and my mama duties and my house is a disaster.  Oh and my family needs clean clothes?  Start digging in the ginormic pile of laundry that is decorating the couch!

Hope y’all are having a happy day!!


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Connie Lou said...

Hey Jenn, hope Tylen had an awesome day! I have been entrenched in seeing Liko again and having Lolly guys move it....yikes! Miss you guys so much...<3