Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One of those days.

Yesterday was just one of those days.  One of those days where I wanted to lock myself in a closet or room or gauge my eyes out.  or maybe wear ear muffs so I couldn’t hear the screaming and wear a bubble to defend myself from the radicals.

The day started with me waking up refreshed and motivated ready to tackle my to-do list.  I was also hoping to get some projects done.  Then it happened and all motivation was lost.  The kiddos woke up and all hell broke loose.  I guess they woke up on the wrong side of the bed because all I heard was screaming and whining.  Little man #1 decided to whine every single word that came out of his little mouth and little man #2 decided that he would do some whining too.  Breakfast was a disaster with food all over the floor and a bridge built out of spam going across the table.  Normally I’m fine with food building but not when they are fighting and food is flying everywhere.  More whining started because little man #1 wanted little man #2 to smell his feet.  When the feet smelling didn’t happen they decided to chase each other around the kitchen while letting out ear piercing screams. 

The fighting over toys broke out and I reminded myself to stay calm and handle it in an adult manner.  That didn’t happen and I found myself screaming at my kiddos, taking the toys away, and sending both of them to time out.  Little man #1 thought I was kidding with time out and wandered back to the living room.  When I told him to get back in time out he screamed at me “too bad!”  oh my word.  Did my three year old just backtalk me?  Although I wanted to spank reach out and touch him, I put him back in time out where he cried and pleaded that he was sorry. 

The screaming and whining went on for the rest of the day.  I got an occasional head butt, had to dodge flying toys, and break up fights that seemed to go on every 10 minutes.  I know I’m supposed to teach them to be kind and share and all that stuff but today I just wasn’t in the mood.  My patience ran and hid after an hour of the radicals’ chaos. 

They hadn’t napped at all and as I was cooking dinner I was praying that it would cook a little faster so I could get them fed and to bed.  I was annoyed and exhausted.  I found myself zoning out during dinner and the mister asked how my day was.  My response?  “today was a day I would have traded my “work” for your work.”  Did I mention the mister does masonry for a living?  Anyway, a shower was my excuse to be alone in silence and I ended up locking myself in my room until the kiddos went to sleep.  Just for the record because I don’t need cps to come knocking on my door, the kiddos were supervised by the mister while I was locked in my room.  Wait, if cps came yesterday I would have handed them over.  Okay totally kidding.  I love my kiddos but there are days like yesterday where they drive me absolutely insane.

But today is a new day and we will be making it a good day despite the prank calls that I’ve been receiving since 530am.  People are weird and I don’t understand why they get their kicks off of that kind of thing.  More on that tomorrow though.

Until then,

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