Thursday, December 6, 2012

When you live next to crazies...

You, yourself become a crazie!

Forgive my crappy white-out skills.

You see this?  This is what’s been consuming me this week and I can’t even begin to describe my emotions.  This eyesore is all the court documents from the neighbors’ shenanigans.  I’ve been sifting through them so I can attach it to my response to their latest drama.

I haven’t done an update on them because every time I sit down to write, I become very bitter.  And there it will stay until I'm ready.  I just wanted to let y'all know why I've been MIA this week and this was just too ridiculous not to share.

We had a court hearing last Monday to present evidence as to why the judge should grant the restraining order.  After two hours of waiting, maybe 45 minutes of talking, the judge granted the restraining order for three years. 

Done deal. 

Or so we thought.

Thursday, three days after the order was granted, the neighbors’ filed for a motion to dismiss the restraining order because they are claiming I lied under oath.  I will spare you all the looney details of said motion but I will give you a rundown of what’s in the motion:

` I lied under oath because I supposedly stated he yelled at me and the Radicals on Saturday, 11/24.

` He writes in his statement on another page “continued from Sun, 11/25, as she stated…”
So which is it?  The 24th or the 25th?  I said Sun, 11/25.

` He writes a novel on how they went to the grocery and then on a picnic with their puppy on the 24th

` He attaches a copy of the grocery receipt for the 24th.
Again, I said Sun the 25th!

` He states that because I lied to all authorities and everyone’s-mama’s-nephew’s-cousin’s-teacher (okay, so maybe not that last part) he feels that his rights were abused and violated.

` He is requesting the continuation of the CPS investigation and that I receive psych evaluations from time to time as needed or required (whichever comes first).  Then he states my name and an address that doesn’t exist.
Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that you’re my therapist.  And yes, I will soon need a psych evaluation because you are driving me crazy!

` I’m “served” this looney motion from a tweaker who tells me that he’s not a real legal document server and that the neighbor approached him at the beach and paid him $50 to deliver the looney motion.
Okay, please exit my property now or else…

Is this really happening?  I’ve been to the courthouse three times this week and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go tomorrow for whatever reason then again on Monday for a hearing.  The Radicals have seen the inside of a courthouse more than they should and I think that’s what works me up.  The fact that I have to drag (not literally) the Radicals through this is just ridiculous.  I’m pretty sure any parent would be just as agitated as I am.

I keep asking myself when will this be over but deep down I know this will never end until we finally move.  Until then, it’ll always be something.  My patience is the size of a grain of rice so I can’t guarantee anything.  I’m a human with feelings and let’s just add the pregnant hormones to the mix. 

Oy.  Guard your loins.

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Connie Haskell said...

OMG...Jenn....I am sorry that I haven't kept in touch. How are you guys now? Hope all is better! Love you!