Tuesday, August 28, 2012

19 weeks :: Panic attacks, a sweet tooth, & the gender

Hello, hello!  It’s been way too long since I’ve done a bumpdate, no?  I’ll get to it but first let me tell you that I’m one step closer to the promise I made y’all.  What promise?  The promise of taking a picture of my pregnant self.  It’s not all that and when you see it, you’ll probably be all “that’s it?!?”  But like I said, I’m one step closer.  Baby steps people, baby steps.  

hello, growing belly...
Okay, okay, I’ll get on with the updates…

` Baby is the size of an heirloom tomato.  Never heard of an “heirloom tomato” but okay.
` I gained another pound!  Yessuh!  Total to date: 2 lbs.
` Even though it’s like Niagara Falls when I pee, I mastered the art of peeing directly into that tiny cup they give you at each check up.  No drips, no spills, no “damn it, I just peed on my hand!
` I’m feeling very BIG and heavy.  And uncomfortable.
` My sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance.  But I’m still not satisfied.  I have all these half eaten candy bars in my fridge because it tastes like wax.  Ice cream is just bleh and fruit smoothies no longer cut it.  I tried reverting back to Starbucks but its like holy moly, did they dump a million pounds of sugar in my drink?  It’s driving me nuts.
` I love hearing baby’s heart beat.  159 bpm (<- is that right?) at my last check up.
` Panic attacks or worry attacks or maybe weirded-out attacks.  I don’t know what to call it.  Stuff I shouldn’t be worried about is well, worrying me.  Things like is the baby going to be okay?  What if the Radicals hate me?  What if they hate the baby?  Am I going to be able to handle 3 little people?  Am I going to survive?  Other life things have been worrying me too but I’ll save you my ramblings about being a worry-wart.
` Other than that, the doc says baby is doing fine and yeah. 

I got nothing else to report.

Oh, except for the gender.  We can’t forget the gender!  So, you know how this whole time I was praying my little heart out for a girl?  And even though my biggest prayer was for a healthy baby, I was still all please, please, PLEASE let it be a girl!  Well, I went to my ultrasound yesterday with my little family in tow and wait!  Before I go on the Mister asked the Radicals if they wanted a brother or a sister.  Radical #1 shouted “SISTER!!!” and I was all “see, most people told me it’s a girl and even the Radical said girl so it definitely has to be a girl.”  So there I am lying on the chair table thing with my belly exposed and the tech is doing her thing when she says “You see that?” 

Lovelies, there was no mistaking it.  It was clear as day. 

I was looking at a pecker.

Boys have peckers.  It’s a boy!  Oh man.  I was so caught up in all things girl.  But that's okay because boys are awesome!  And besides, the Mister warned me that he only gives boys and I guess he’s right. 

So yes, baby is good and IT'S A BOY!!!   

I’m going to be a mom to 3 boys.  Any advice?  I would be very grateful for some wise words.

Happy Tuesday!


Cia said...

3 boys isn't bad at all. Believe me when I found out # 2 and #3 were boys I literally cried, and not a little cry, like a full blown sobbing hahaha. But God did what he does best. He knew what I needed and so it was I had 3 boys. My house is crazy, loud, and messy, but my boys have my heart. They play hard and love hard. They remind me that life isn't easy, but is beautiful all at the same time. My greatest advice with 3 boys, invest in earplugs hahaha I kid I kid. But really just show those boys how to love, have respect for everyone but especially woman, and to Love the Lord with all they have. Congrats mama!!!

Dose of Glam said...


Connie Haskell said...

maybe your little girl is smoking a cigar! a little gangstah girl...lol!