Thursday, July 12, 2012

12 weeks :: Pickles, nausea, & brain farts

Hi-dee-ho, friends!  I’m such a liar.  Or a procrastinator.  Or let’s just be honest here…I’m lazy.  I said last week that I’d see you next week which happens to be this week and well, the week is almost done and only now I’m checking in.

Okay, that long, run-on, no sense making sentence should prompt you that I’m not in the right frame of mind….but…

I’m sort of making an effort to do my bump updates.  It ain’t the best but I’m trying.

` I’m at 12 weeks.  Baby is the size of a lime.  Could that be why I’ve been such a sour puss lately?  Bwahahaha!  I crack myself up!  Anyhoo, I’m still uncomfortable with taking pictures of myself so I found this picture for you.  You're welcome.


` I lost 4 pounds.  What?  Where?  In my big toe?

` I got to listen to baby’s heartbeat on Tuesday!  According to the doc, baby was very active!

` I’m what I would call “good for nothing.”  Wait a minute…I feed and bathe the Radicals but that is all.  Other than that, I really am good for nothing.  It could be because I’m lazy and tired and everything I do makes my body ache like I just ran some marathon or worked out like a mad woman.  I’m so lazy that I can’t plug my camera into my computer to show you pictures of our family day we had last Sunday.  We went on the boat and took the Radicals fishing which brings me to my next point of being good for nothing…

` I’m nauseated.  And while on the boat, I, the person who never gets sea sick, was sick as a dog.  So yeah, nauseated all day, every day.  That must be my bachi (sp?) aka karma for not having sympathy for people who tell me they’ve had morning sickness that lasted all day.  It’s not like I was all “suck it up!”  I just never understood.  Well now I understand completely.  It sucks.

` The nausea (and all the other different things) are making me think that this is going to be a girl.  Oh please, please, please be a girl.  Gunfunit (aka gosh darn it)!  This waiting is making me crazy anxious.

` I’m obsessed with pickles.  What the what?  I hate pickles and I always thought pregnant people were crazy for being obsessed with pickles!  I never understood!  Ah, bachi again…

` I’m also eating fruits and soup and veggie sandwiches. 

` I’m done with soda.

` I’ve slowed down on the candy and coffee…that is a shocker!

Those last 4?  Those are the other changes I’m talking about.  When I was preggers with the Radicals, I ate crap food every day all day.  Coffee, candy, and soda were my go-to, make me feel better things.  I was a very unhealthy eater and I drank way too much caffeine.  I was talking with my girlfriend last week telling her of all these changes.  I also told her that I was very proud of myself for cutting back on my coffee and she was all “what, you drank coffee while preggers?”  And I was all “yep, all day every day.” And she was all “wow, now I can see why your kids are the way they are!”

Oh, and I opted for a blueberry dream instead of Starbucks on Tuesday.  That’s another shocker!  Like who are you and where do you come from?!  No Starbucks?  That’s saying something a lot.  I realize that wasn’t the best choice for a fruit smoothie but it was better than a venti caramel frappuccino.  Times 2.

Oh, and I’ve been going back and forth regarding my major.  Why all of a sudden am I indecisive?  I’m studying accounting but now I’m thinking public relations.  Uh huh….me, the person who has become socially awkward since I moved here plus my “good for nothing” thing going on.  Sure Jenn.  It could be the hormones thinking.

Oh, aannnnnd! I promise this is the last of the “oh, ands”.  The Mister’s dad is visiting from O’ahu.  I stole some pictures of the Radicals from him and look at how small they were.  And look!  Radical #2 was bald!  That is so hard to picture now that he has a crazy afro-puff going on.

Okay, so it took me 3 hours to write this post.  Between the Radicals needing something and my brain farts, I hope I didn’t bore you.  I ain’t promising anything but I’ll try my hardest to get it together because I have lots to tell you.  But until then, wishing you a happy Thursday.  Or what’s left of it.

Peace out!


Cia said...

I drank caffeine all 4 ofmy pregnancies and my kids are just fine. I'm not sure if your friend meant it good or bad but just know caffeine isn't the say all in how your kids turn out. I have 2 angels and 2 wild ones. Hopefully your nausea passes soon, and good for you for making healthier decisions.

Nicole Buckingham said...

Oh pregnant pregnant you I hope you feel better soon, but also, I hope you aren't being too hard on yourself... I give ya major props for even getting on that boat with the nausea and all. Take care you.

Stopping in to say hi and thanks too for making last Friday that much sweeter for all of us by linking up at our ALOHA Friday HOP and leaving an oh so sweet comment. I love the Big Island and I love this space you're creating here-- brain farts and all.

Happy Weekend to ya,

Oh, and if you'd like we're starting this weekend off with Aloha, come join us if you please.