Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The one time I thought the Mister was going to kill me.

Yes, you read that right.  

When the Mister and I were first dating, he wanted to show me around his hometown for the weekend.  I booked a hotel in Hilo but his “stomping grounds” is actually in Puna.  Me, not being from the east side of the island, lost all sense of direction when I got there.  

We went from the “city” of Hilo out to the boondocks of Puna.  He wanted to take me down to Pohoiki which at that time I had no idea what he was talking about.  He said something about meeting up with his friends and I was guessing that “Pohoiki” was their go-to spot to hang out.  

So we leave the hotel and I swear to you, it felt like we were driving forever.  The scenery changed from “city” to “country” and I was all “oh, this is nice.”  

Before going to this Pohoiki place, we stopped by his mom’s house for a little visit.  Do you know how nervous I was?  This was the first time meeting her and I had a hangover from the night before.  So not the way to make a good first impression.  We stopped to pick up pizza so I kind of used that as my peace offering…Hi, it’s so nice to meet you.  I come in peace…I brought pizza?!  Okay, so I was thinking it.  I didn’t actually say it.  But it turned out to be a pleasant meeting.  Whew.  She asked what we were going to do that day and the Mister told her that he wanted to take me down to Pohoiki.  We said our good-byes and off we went to this mysterious place called Pohoiki.  

We’re driving, and again it felt like forever.  We finally turn down the road that led to the mysterious place.  I didn’t think anything of it while we were passing houses.  We were still surrounded by civilization!  We keep driving and all of a sudden we’re surrounded by a forest.  Nothing but these tall trees and bushes.  

At first I was in awe by the trees.  They were so cool looking but as we kept driving, we got deeper and deeper into this “forest.”  Is it possible for something to be beautiful and eerie at the same time?  

I look to the right; miles and miles of trees and bushes.  I look to the left; same thing.  I look forward; same dang thing.  

It starts to get darker because these darn trees are hovering over the only paved road.  I’m no longer in civilization.  


I start to feel nervous and uneasy.  Remember, the Mister and I just started dating.  We didn’t really know each other and I didn’t do an extensive background check on him.  For all I knew, he could’ve been a serial killer.  He could kill me and dump my body anywhere in this ginormic forest and nobody would ever find me.  

And this place was so foreign to me.  I didn’t know a soul.  None of my family or friends knew I was on the east side for the weekend.  The only person who knew where he was taking me was his mom but I just met the woman!  I couldn’t rely on her.  

Oh man, what did I get myself into?  

And that’s when I turned to the Mister and asked “um, is this where you kill me?”  

He had this dumbfounded look on his face and was all “huh?!?”  I went on to tell him about my uneasy feelings because I barely knew him and we were in a forest and how he could easily kill me and nobody would ever know.  He just laughed and I nervously laughed and then….

Pohoiki, Hawaii
Pohoiki Bay, Puna Hawaii

...we were at the end of the road!  I was so happy to see the beach filled with civilization.  

I still laugh about to this day and I still think about it when we go down there.  He must’ve thought I was psychotic.  

Hope y’all have a terrific Tuesday!  

That is all.

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